How To Make A Boho Chic Bouquet

by Susan Paige
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A bohemian wedding theme or motif is very popular today because of its chill and relaxed vibe. For couples who prefer an intimate wedding, this is the ideal choice because it’s fuss-free without sacrificing on the style element. This is also perfect for the bride who doesn’t want the sense of formality or restriction that ball gowns and a more elegant theme would give.

Bohemian weddings can be very stylish, even with its inherent laidback nature. You can incorporate excellent designs from the wardrobe, invitation, and even the venue. But, let’s not forget one tiny detail that’s also very important: the wedding bouquet. This has to be special, because the bride holds it the entire time! Hence, it’s also going to appear in quite a lot of wedding photos.

If you want to create a truly boho chic wedding bouquet for your big day, check out these useful tips:

  • Play With Shapes And Textures

First of all, you need to decide what you want to do with your bouquet. Are you going to use traditional white flowers? Or do you want to bring some color into the mix? Do you wish to have just one shape or texture with uniform flowers or are you willing to play around with different flowers, colors, and textures? For something a little bit more unique, the latter option is better. Go ahead and play with shapes and textures as you select which flowers and plants to place in your bouquet.

Boho bouquets are also best known for the following features:

  • Cascading greens;
  • Air plants;
  • Dried flowers;

So be sure to incorporate these details on top of the flowers you’d like to use. These will make your boho bouquet look chicer and more dramatic.

  • Work With A Florist

Another characteristic of boho chic bouquets is that it can be filled not just with flowers, but even foliage. You can also include decorative add-ons like feathers, pompoms, tassels, or whatever suits your fancy. 

If you have no idea where to start, work with a reliable florist like The Bouqs Co. They can help you choose which flowers suit the theme better, or which ones complement your wedding dress. 

  • Match It To Your Headpiece

A boho-themed décor looks simple and natural, but it’s just as romantic and refined as the more traditional choices. One of the best things about choosing boho chic as the theme for your wedding is that you and your bridesmaids can get your hair adorned with stunning flower crowns or headpieces.

As you create your bouquet, consider making it match with your headpiece. Remember that even if you’re going for a more relaxed vibe, you’ll still want to look coordinated and coherent. You don’t want to look messy or all over the place with clashing flowers and other design elements. So, if you already have a headpiece, try to make your wedding flower arrangements have that the same hue or look so you can look more put together.

  • Be Sure Your Flowers And Foliage Are Well-Prepared

Before you even start with making the bouquet, take the time to prepare the flowers and foliage you’ll be using. This prep process entails cleaning up the flowers and the leaves. Water them first and remove any parts that could make it unsafe once they’re placed in the bouquet.

For example, take the time to really go through every flower to remove the thorns. You’ll also want to remove any leaves along the part of the plant that you’ll wrap to form a bouquet. This will help your bouquet look pristine and stable.

  • Use Greens As The Base For Your Bouquet

The green plants should serve as the base of your bouquet. Gather them all together first, before moving on to the flowers. Yes, the greens are basically just the background. Your focal point is still the flowers. But it’ll be harder for you to tuck in the greens once the flowers are all bunched together, without hiding any of the flowers. By starting with the greens, you can seamlessly tuck in the flowers or any other design elements of your bouquet. You can liken this process to decorating your Christmas tree, where you already have the greens in place first.


With these tips, you can successfully create the perfect bohemian chic wedding bouquet, especially for those of you who are up for a DIY challenge. Although bridal bouquets can be expensive, you can do no wrong with buying the flowers yourself and then making that bouquet. These tips will have you making boho bouquets looking like an expert florist has done it.

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