A Healthier You

by Susan Paige
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What do the Keto Diet Plan, Slimfast and Nutrisystem all have in common? All three are popular weight loss methods designed around helping people achieve slimmer figures. While that’s an admirable goal for some, it’s not ideal for everyone. Not everyone has a natural body type that lends itself to being slim. Not to mention there’s a certain percentage of fat on your body you have to have in order to process fat-soluble vitamins. Perhaps instead of focusing on being slim, our society should rewire itself to instead encourage everyone to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible. It’s a tall order. We’d have to collectively decide to stop judging one another for how we look and instead celebrate one another for how we each feel. It’s easier if we each focus on improving our own health: physically, mentally and emotionally.


You may be tempted to address each of these as individual components on your journey towards being a healthier person. Slow your roll and take a look at some people who have learned their health is interconnected. Learn from the example set by commercial real estate investor and advisor Amandeep Khun-Khun. He’s discovered through the practice of weightlifting – physical health – and mindfulness meditation – mental and emotional health – that he increases the health of his whole self – mind, body and spirit.

Follow this investigation into the connectivity of self through to Deepak Chopra’s website. In addition to reflections you can do yourself, there’s a whole section on how different meditations can positively affect your physical, mental and emotional health. You can see for yourself results of the scientific studies on how meditation lowers your blood pressure, decreases inflammation, improves your metabolism, lessens depression and positively influences your brain’s health. Thinking of your body as unit where you can perform one action and have it positively impact more than one system can only help your health goals.

Eat the Cookie

There aren’t a lot of sweets on any diet plan, yet there are millions of us with an avowed sweet tooth. How can eating the cookie help us achieve our health goals? Ah, you’re already forgetting that you are a whole system, not just individual components that make up your whole. Eating the cookie may give you some extra calories to burn physically, but think of the good it will do for you mentally and emotionally. Indulging in a decadent treat can remind you that you are a person of worth and that you deserve to be pampered once in a while. This boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence. For most people, we need that boost. We’re entirely too hard on ourselves.

The trick with eating the cookie or other treat and having it bring a positive punch to our psyches, though, is to indulge in it. You don’t stuff the cookie in your mouth, squirreling it into your cheeks and hoping no one sees you. Put your feet up. Take your time. Focus on the texture and taste. Feel all the feels in that moment. Enjoy yourself and remind yourself that you deserve this one.

Focusing on yourself as a whole instead of as parts can bring you to a healthier you.

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