Saving On Wedding Flowers: What You Need to Know

by Susan Paige
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Weddings can be an expensive endeavour. You have to pay for your dress, souvenirs, catering, wedding rings, and wedding flowers, just to name a few things. As most diligent brides know, it is possible to save money on your wedding day without losing sight of your vision, and one of the ways is on your wedding flowers. Here’s how: 

1. Start With a Wedding Flower Budget

The most important method to save money is having a clear budget. Ideally, you should set aside at least 15% of your overall budget for flowers, decorations, and lighting. Make sure to stick to it and adjust accordingly. For example, if you have a garden wedding in the morning, you can let go of the lighting budget and add it to your wedding flowers instead. 

2. Buy Flowers a la Carte

If you have a supplier like Juniper Flowers, you can order flowers a la carte. This means you can have the freedom to choose flowers you would want for your wedding rather than paying for a package for items you may not need. If you plan to have a courthouse wedding, you may not need all those flowers to decorate an entire aisle. It is going to cost you much less if you buy flowers that you only need. 

3. Set Up Your Own Wedding Flowers

Having confidence in your artistic side can go a long way if you want to save money on your wedding flowers. Hiring a floral designer means setting aside a budget to pay for their professional fees. If you don’t have the time to arrange your wedding flowers, try recruiting your talented friends and bridesmaids. 

4. Get In-Season Flowers

Having widely available flowers is much cheaper than getting something off-season. Research the flowers that are in-season and include them in your vision. Sometimes getting off-season flowers means importing them from other countries where you may have to pay tons of taxes and delivery fees. It will also help if you incorporate flowers that are available year-round, such as orchids, carnations, and roses. 

5. Use Statement Blooms

Some brides want their wedding bouquets to look full. When you have a tight budget, it can be an issue. One way to solve this is to go for “statement blooms” like hydrangeas and garden roses that take up a larger volume of space in your flower arrangements. This means you don’t have to buy too many of them to create a full bouquet. 

6. Balance Your Flowers

When it comes to decorating with flowers, you have to strike a balance. You should have enough in your wedding venue and reception. Make sure that the flowers will not overwhelm the other decorations because if it does, it will be a waste of money. Try to incorporate flowers into your decorations. For example, you can use flowers to act as a centerpiece. If you want to save some more, you can repurpose your bridesmaids’ and flower girls’ bouquets as centerpieces.

7. Infuse Greenery

Another surefire way to save money on wedding flowers is by incorporating greenery into your decorations. If you are a plant enthusiast and have indoor plants at home, you can use them as part of your wedding. This way, you don’t have to spend too much on your flowers. You can even add a unique and fresh touch by adding succulents or eucalyptus. 

Don’t be apologetic if you want to save money on your wedding day. Don’t think about what other people will say. What’s important is that you get to say your vows and exchange “I dos” with the one you love. 

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