Impact of the Rapid Development of Smartphones on the Gambling Industry

by Susan Paige
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Smartphones make everything accessible at the tip of our fingers. Sverige casino games are the newest trend. Consumers can delight in online poker, blackjack, slots, and many other favourites. Get the best quality gambling right from the comfort of your home or across the world. 

Developed mobile apps feature high-quality playing experiences. Mobile compatibility is parallel to web browser functionality. On January 1, 2019, Sweden opened the online gaming market. Customer satisfaction increased from 57.9% in 2019 to 64.5% in December 2020.

Carlos Norberg, our expert here, provided perspective on the rapid development of smartphones in online gambling. 

Sweden Gaming Market

The Swedish Gaming Authority (Spelinspektionen) reported in-person gambling dropped in numbers. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, casino floors became empty. Meanwhile, the development of gambling online has increased revenue. Online casino gaming has made it easier to play for cash prizes. This contributes to the SEK5.90bn (£496.7m/€559.0m/$613.3m) in revenue of Sweden gambling operations. 

With over 60 licensed companies, users can choose from thousands of casino games. The Swedish Quality Index (Svenskt Kvalitetsindex) found consumer satisfaction results. A 2020 survey showed data in response to the online new gambling industry. They found customers preferred familiar and trustworthy gaming options.

Smartphones & Online Gambling

The COVID-19 pandemic changed in-person casino gambling. This created more significant shifts of gambling into online platforms and mobile apps. 

Social distancing practices have left casino floors vacant. New safety regulations for face masks and sanitation have made people think twice. Furthermore, many in-person casinos remain closed or maintain limited capacity. 

People worldwide have altered their lifestyles for indoor entertainment. The pandemic has pushed people to find substitutes for original hobbies and interests. Online casinos are a new addition to the list of recreational fun.

Smartphones will create more avenues for the gambling industry in the following ways:

  • Gain a younger audience of gamblers
  • Change the gambling industry into a virtual reality experience
  • Force companies to think of creative and unconventional ways to play
  • Make it easier for payouts to transfer through PayPal, Apple Pay, and others.

Virtual Reality Casinos vs Smartphones

What is the difference between virtual reality (VR) casinos and smartphone apps? 

Smartphones lack the ability for sophisticated electronic components. VR casinos make consumers feel like they are on the casino floor. The technological advancement to project authentic images is a projected milestone for gaming.

A VR casino is a visual simulation projected by a headset worn on the player’s head. The VR headset will launch the player into a program. 

VR casinos reflect their most beloved casino games. They provide visuals of pulling slot machines, holding a poker hand, or sliding chips on black or red for roulette. 

The VR experience is developing but has high promise for the future. Until the breakthrough in VR technology, users can have fun gambling via online casinos. 


It is often challenging for people to trust online platforms with currency. With the increasing market for online casinos, users need secure sites. Vetting gambling sites are more critical now.

Consumers look for reliable, trustworthy, and fun casino games. Websites that break down casino game information into categories are easier to navigate. Customers should search the site to compare licensed and unlicensed games. Consumers should always be careful when dealing with money online. Ensure phony sites do not scam you out of money.

Smartphones are devices that almost everyone owns. It is becoming the largest platform to reach audiences in the gambling industry. There are over 60 online casino licensed companies in Sweden. Users can now bring the casino floor into their living rooms at the touch of a button.

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