How To Keep Housework from Hurting Your Married Life

by Susan Paige
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When spouses are unhappy about how family activities are dealt with, tension levels in the home can increase. A good number of wives attribute their anxiety to their husbands’ unwillingness to share chores and work around the house. The marriage institution is a partnership. The practical business in this instance is running a family. Childcare, house care, finances, planning, cooking are all part of this partnership. When the technical aspect of a marriage is well taken care of, there will be more peace and stability.

However, if say visitors come and find your house in a mess, you don’t have anything clean to wear or the roof isn’t repaired, things might become dire. Such things cause a lot of misunderstandings and will take a toll on your marriage. There are ways to manage your housework without hurting your marriage. Here are some practical tips.


1.Set priorities

As a couple it is important to learn and identify your priorities. Figure out what matters to each of you. Most times couples will look at housework division differently. Maybe your spouse doesn’t mind disorder in the home. However, if one of you is bothered by it, you need to compromise. In such a situation it will be impossible to satisfy either one of you completely. What is better instead, is for you to set priorities. For instance, if you appreciate home-made meals, you can try meal prepping. 

This allows you to have ready food around the clock, and you can order out every once in a while. If you both also lead pretty busy lives you can hire professional cleaners like Jim’s House Cleaning. That way, you can focus on your work but still enjoy a clean and neat home.


2.Plan for the hurdles

Another important tip is to sit down with your spouse and come up with a list. On the list, write things that each of you dislikes doing and what you can compromise on. Usually there are things that your spouse detests but you don’t mind them, and vice versa. There might still be some things that both of you don’t want to do. When this is the case, you can come up with a way to compromise and outsource. You can also tackle this unpleasant chore as a team.


3.Create a timetable

As much as you want to complete your tasks, it is essential to consider each other’s body clocks. For example, some people are morning people while others are night owls. Forcing each other to work on something when either of you is not ready will only brew more issues. Timing is important and also determines how efficient you are when working on the tasks. Have a timetable that allows you to do your chores at your most favorable times


4.Disclose your weekly plans

Another helpful tip is to inform each other of your weekly plans. Disclose how the coming week is going to pan out, including errands and meetings. After this, then you can divide up the work based on the week’s activities. Have a list and post it where everyone can see. Also avoid nagging each other over what either of you offered to do. If the task is still undone, you can talk about it when planning for the next week.

To maintain your housework schedule, you will need to keep reviewing your plans every now and then. House chores can be overwhelming but you shouldn’t let them affect the quality of your marriage. The tips that have been outlined above are effective and you should adopt them.

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