Ways to Save On Your Air Conditioning Costs

by Susan Paige
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Air conditioners are priceless tools for any home. During hot weather, soaring temperatures can make life in your home unbearable. For this reason, many people acquire air conditioning units to cool their livings spaces. However, these are big energy guzzlers. They are a considerable expense in most homes, and we still need them anyway. Are you seeking ways to lower your monthly air conditioning costs? Read on for great tips.


  1. Upgrade to newer AC models

Nowadays, there are modern and more efficient AC units in the market. These feature higher SEER values with a better efficiency rating. The best units have a rating of 13 and above and will save a lot on energy bills. 

Most of the newer AC units can save about 30% of your air conditioning costs which is quite substantial. Choosing the best unit can be a challenge, though. And it’s best to seek help from reliable brands like ActronAir for all commercial and residential air condition units.


  1. Use the right AC size.

The size of your room and the AC size matters a lot when it comes to air conditioning. Larger AC units consume more energy and will cost you more in the long run. Why use a big air conditioning unit for a small room that you can cool with an appropriately sized AC? A big AC works harder to cool your space, thus raising your energy bills. To avoid this, buy an air conditioning unit that matches the size of your room.


  1. Install programmable thermostats

Cooling empty rooms use up a lot of energy. However, AC units with programmable thermostats allow you to raise or lower the temperatures, saving a lot of money. Program the thermostat when leaving for work, sleeping on vacation to save on energy. You can also save more by sealing vents in unoccupied rooms and keeping the closets and shelves closed at all times.


  1. Proper cleaning goes a long way!

A clean AC unit works efficiently and saves a lot of energy. Clean the coils and examine them for dirt or mold. Mold and algae can grow on the unit coils, which decreases its efficiency, and raises your energy costs. Other forms of maintenance are also vital and will ensure optimal running of your unit and save you money. This involves changing the filters often to limit dirt and dust that clogs the HVAC system.


  1. Proper storage- Avoid direct sunlight.

How and where you place your air conditioner affects its energy efficiency. Place it in a shaded area away from too much sunlight. Direct light makes your unit work so hard to cool your home, which uses up more power. Also, don’t conceal it with plants or flowers, for these can clog the condenser coils and impede ventilation.


The bottom line

The easiest way to cut on air conditioning costs is to turn off the unit. But, this can lead to intolerable humidity and temperatures. You can still sue your AC unit, and save on power bills, though. Therefore, consider the mentioned tips and watch your energy bills go down in a few months.

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