Where you should save Money… and where you should invest some

by Susan Paige
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Getting married can be quite a task, especially when it comes to making sure the financial aspect will not place you in a difficult position, for months or even years to come. You have to balance the importance of the moment to what will remain in the future, and to make sure that you can both enjoy that special day. At the same time, you need to ensure that you can still remember it fondly later on, thanks to the fact that you will be worry-free.

Clothes you will keep for a Long Time

We all know the importance being placed on the wedding dress. The cultural phenomenon is so strong, that it may influence you into buying one that you simply can’t afford. Then, it may haunt your marriage for a long time. To avoid the horror movie, you have two choices: Buy a dress that is within your budget, or rent one that isn’t. This second option may just be the best idea for the groom as well.

The money you save there, can be placed in clothes that will stay with you for a long period and remind you of that wonderful day. A real fur coat for women is the perfect gift to offer to your bride, or even to buy one for herself. This will forever keep the memory of this glorious day, and it will accompany her throughout her whole life, since fur coats never go out of style.

An expensive celebration or a down payment on a house?

This question may seem out of place for the most romantic readers. However, this is definitely something to consider, if you end-up paying the whole celebration yourself. In Italian weddings, the gift from the guests is always money. It is meant to pay for the evening, and more. But in other traditions, there are many useless gifts coming in. It means that you will keep the burden of the cost on your shoulder, and that it will affect your finances for a while.

Therefore, you can either insist, with your family and friends, that they bring an envelope, instead of physical gifts or tone down the dinner and evening. Today, a medium size wedding will cost you more than a down payment on a house. Yes, the memory will last, but the monetary difficulties that may come afterwards, might make these memories a bit darker than you are thinking now.

It’s all a question of balance. Find the right one by talking with your partner. You may discover that you would both prefer things that will last in the long term.


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