10 Wedding Video Ideas You Can’t Ignore

by Susan Paige
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How to plan a wedding?  Catch wedding ideas to help you create an incredible video. Have time to make video editing right away. Surprise your guests with an exciting movie about your wedding day.

Wedding videos are authentic and unique moments that you will return to with your partner over the years. Important words, funny greetings, jokes from friends, and real feelings are shared with the dearest people. All this will remain in the family video archive forever.

To keep the real emotions, you should work well with the wedding video. Catch 10 creative wedding ideas on how to create unusual videos.

Your wedding trailer

How about creating a DIY wedding video? You can turn boring wedding videography of three hours into an exciting trailer. 

  • Place videos in chronological order.
  • Add music to emphasize the emotions of the moment.
  • Use dialogues for additional voice acting.

This wedding trailer will take you back to the best wedding moments and create a great mood.

Collage of videos of your friends

Do you really need a videographer? Your friends are constantly shooting videos and willing to share material. Wedding videos composed of such clips will be original and interesting. Such a memory will always make you happy.

It is not difficult to find these videos with the help of a hashtag on social networks. Collect, organize, and edit videos that your guests share on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Create a wedding cartoon

Everyone will like funny pictures and videos, where the bride, the groom, and the guests turn into cartoon characters. Do not limit your imagination — choose the most exotic wedding venues. Modern video editing software allows you to create fun cartoons with cartoons for a wedding couple and guests. Have fun to the fullest!

Virtual wedding for dear guests from afar

If not all your friends and family were able to come to the wedding, then this is not a problem. Notify everyone in advance and get everyone together for a virtual wedding. It’s both fun and very touching. Especially for loved ones who share distance or circumstances of force majeure. May those you love be with you in special moments!

Make a funny video about virtual marriage on a convenient video editing platform. For example, you can do it easily and quickly with Movavi.

Create a fun wedding video

The wedding day is always filled with fun moments. Unsuccessful beginning of the speech of the bride’s father or funny memories of the groom’s friends. These pieces of video are mostly cut to make everything look perfect. And if on the contrary, it is witty to combine and beat them? Choose these moments and create one funny video. These will be your best movie weddings.

Same-day edit wedding video

While the wedding ceremony and reception are in progress, your video is being edited in preparation for showing. It’s very interesting: to watch a film just shot one day.

But for same-day edit, it is important to choose proven performers. After all, you will be concerned about the wedding planning, ceremony, and greetings. You simply won’t be able to check the video before showing it in general. This is a film in one take.

Stop-motion video

Such videos help to capture moments. It can be anything: a happy smile, a look of love, incendiary dances, a folk rite, cutting a cake, a funny bride. If you know how to make a stop motion video, then you will find many relevant points. These short videos can then be embedded into one common wedding video. So emotions will remain in the frame forever.

Wedding video as a parody of the movie

If both of you have a favorite iconic film, here’s another great idea for a wedding video. Create a mini version of this movie or its scenes. Ask friends to help with the production. They will probably be happy to join such an idea. Especially if they also like the movie.

Get ideas for wedding videos in dances


Many guests love to dance at weddings. If there are not many guests, you can prepare a small choreographic production for the video. But even at large weddings, guests dance beautifully without special training. That’s why it’s a good idea to shoot wedding line dances.

Create a gratitude video for each guest

People who came to share your joy deserve warm words of gratitude. When guests start to leave, there is not always time to pay enough attention to each of them. Therefore, promptly prepared short videos will be a pleasant surprise from you for dear guests.

What will make your wedding video amazing?

As you can see, there are many ideas, and this list can be continued. You can hire a professional videographer or ask a best friend to shoot the video. It all depends on the availability of the camera and video editing skills.

And finally, a few more necessary features for any wedding video:

  • quality sound;
  • stationary camera;
  • professional processing;
  • perfect lighting;
  • most importantly — the video tells your story.

Technical aspects are a matter of money. But a creative idea is a priceless thing. Only you know how you want to keep the wedding day in the memory and the family video archive.

So make this day special!

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