Preparation Tips for an Intimate Wedding Party

by Susan Paige
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While weddings are considered big events,  many couples opt to go the less traditional way by hosting a smaller intimate wedding party. The choice is not always about keeping within a budget. Instead, there is something about celebrating this momentous occasion with people closest to the couple’s hearts. As a result, there is an atmosphere of love all around as the wedding is celebrated together with those you have a personal relationship with, rather than inviting distant relatives you may not have seen or may not even know. Intimate wedding parties are also perfect for guests to mingle around and enjoy each other’s company.

The preparations for an intimate wedding party are also not as stressful as hosting a big one. However, you can still hire a wedding planner to iron out every event detail and ensure everything goes according to plan. After all, small or big, your wedding is a momentous occasion, and you would want it to be perfect. Your wedding planner can provide you with services that you need not handle on your own, ensuring the success of your intimate party. They can even help you choose your luxury wedding stationery, ordering them and sending them out to your selected guests.

Here are some preparation tips to help you with your intimate wedding party preparations.

Start with your guest list

One of the most important things to take care of when planning your wedding party is your guest list. Because you have decided to make it an intimate event, you and your fiancée will have to determine who your guests will be. You can talk about the number of guests you think you both can be comfortable having and start from there. An intimate party would typically have 50 guests that you share between yourselves. Next, consider the couples you are planning to invite. You may both have other family members and friends that you will need to manage if they expect to be a part of the occasion.

Decide on a budget

Your wedding budget is an essential detail that you and your partner will have to discuss in detail. You will need to decide on the amount you are willing to spend on your wedding and where your funds will be coming from. Having a budget in mind will help you work better around it. If you decide to hire one, it should include your wedding planner (if you decide to hire one), your guests, catering, venue, and entertainment. It would also be best to have extra cash that you are ready to spend for incidentals.

Pick out your venue

When picking out the venue for your intimate wedding party, ensure that the size of the space complements the number of guests you have invited. If the venue is too spacious, it can feel like some guests have not turned up for the occasion. On the other hand, too small a space can feel cramped and make people think you have been too frugal with your expenses. Therefore, it is best to visit the venue and see if it is the appropriate size for your wedding party.

An intimate wedding party can make your wedding day feel even more special. With the company of people you care about, you can build special memories of your big day and make it the most unforgettable day of your life.

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