3 Reasons To Have A Small Wedding

by Susan Paige
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Weddings are a magical and tear-jerking experience. Monkey-suits, relatives, and heels so high you’ll need surgery for heel spurs: what’s not to love? It’s a day that allows couples to join together in holy matrimony and spend time with their friends and family, but choosing what kind of wedding to have can be a long and tedious process. Should you have the gigantic wedding you used to dream of as a kid or opt for something more practical? If you choose to have a smaller wedding will you regret it? Or will it be the best decision you ever made? If you’re still struggling to decide, these are a few reasons to have a small wedding.


Small Weddings Cost Less

It stands to reason that having a smaller wedding would be cheaper, and that is typically true. Sure, you could afford to make it extra fantastical since it’s on a smaller scale, but you could also use the smaller size to save that money. Regardless, resisting the urge to have a giant Disney-princess style wedding will save you loads of money. From the food to the venue, everything will be cheaper. This is great for newlyweds who are just starting out and don’t have the funds to afford a large wedding, those who want to make the special day small yet glorious, or for couples who just want to save a little bit of extra dough for a rainy day.


Everything is More Manageable

Planing a wedding can be exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful. Having a wedding on a smaller scale will make managing the event far easier than with a large wedding. The guest list will be quicker to make, finding a venue will be easier, and hiring a caterer will save you a headache. Too many couples succumb to frustrating number crunching, hundreds of calls, and endless choices to make. If you don’t mind the aggravation of larger weddings, then, by all means, indulge in them. However, if you simply want to get married, interact with your friends and family, and have a good time, a smaller wedding might be more for you.


More Time to Bond

Having a smaller wedding (and in turn, fewer guests) leaves more time for interacting with each guest. Maybe you’ve got hundreds and hundreds of friends and family that you just have to invite to your wedding. But let’s be honest, there are only a few dozen you truly need to come. Having a smaller guest list will give you more time to spend with your loved ones and interact with them, catch up, and reminisce on the good times. Having an overwhelming amount of guests will only give you time to stop and say hi to most of them, and you may not get to speak to some people at all, which will leave them angry and hurt. It’s also hard to get pictures taken with too many people, so having a smaller amount will help make the process enjoyable, rather than a chore. Your spouse will probably want to spend some time with you on your special day, and it can be difficult to find the time with the two of you running around everywhere.


Closing Thoughts

You may be hesitant to downsize your wedding and think that you are sacrificing quality for cost and manageability, but ultimately your wedding experience is what you make it to be. Having a smaller wedding can be a wonderful experience, and you’ll find that it’s not the grandiose marriage that matters, but more about having an enjoyable time to remember and look back on fondly.

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