How To Manage Your Wedding Finances

by Susan Paige
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Getting married is the best day of some people’s lives, so saving up for it is definitely worth it and likely to take a while. Unless you have people to help you out with your wedding budget, it could take years of saving together but it will all be worthwhile. Here are some tips on how to manage your wedding finances and where to start if you haven’t already…


Decide if you’d like to organise your wedding yourself or use a wedding planner

Many couples don’t realise how long it takes to plan a wedding, there are lots of decisions to make and ideas to brainstorm. It can be a lot easier to hand this over to a wedding planner who has lots of experience and will ensure you don’t miss out on anything crucial for your big day. Of course, this might be more expensive than planning everything yourself but it will minimise a lot of stress. 


Keep all your wedding savings in one place

It is important to keep all your wedding savings in one place, if you mix up these savings with your personal account you will end up getting confused. Once you have a set budget in place, you can save an amount of money per month and stay consistent with this. Open a shared account if you don’t already have one, and you can both send your savings here. If you have already set a date for the big day and you don’t feel like you are going to have enough money, you could use an emergency payday loan to help you out, if you think you can pay it back without any trouble. 


Make sure you know how many people you want to invite 

It is essential to make sure you know how many people you are inviting, without an exact number you won’t be able to set your budget accurately. A wedding is a very special day and most couples would like all their family and friends to see them get married. If you have huge families or a massive set of friends it can be difficult to afford it. If you want absolutely everyone to be there, you could consider saving for a few more months than you originally planned, after all you won’t be doing this day twice. 

Once you have decided on exactly who you are inviting to your wedding, you can work out the budget for food and anything you’d like to include for your guests. Some couples prefer to invite fewer people to the ceremony and have a large after-party with more guests, this is all down to preference. 


Prioritise costs you can’t avoid 

You should make sure you can afford the basics before planning any extras you’d like to have at your wedding. The venue, food, photographer, and your wedding dress might be the most important to you, but this is different for everyone. 


Ask for money from friends and family for your honeymoon 

Instead of presents, you could ask for money from your friends and family. This will help minimise the costs of the honeymoon and in some cases cover it. Lucky couples might even have their honeymoon covered by generous gifts from loved ones. 

Now you have some top tips for helping you manage your wedding finances, we hope you have the best day celebrating with all the most important people in your life. Good luck for the future soon-to-be Mr and Mrs!

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