Quick tips on how to save and fund your wedding day

by Susan Paige
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Want to have a memorable wedding with your spouse, friends and family? All this is possible with a little bit of financial help.

If you cannot pay for your perfect wedding let us assist you in bringing your dreams to reality. Something that will take a couple of minutes will give you the memories that will last a lifetime.

This is how it is possible….

Want to fund your wedding?

Having a bit of extra cash to make your special day a bit more special should always be welcomed. A once-off event like your wedding day should be one to remember.

Sometimes making events memorable costs a bit more, but with the help of a Fast personal loan, this is easier.

Going into your special day, you should be stress-free and only be focusing on your loved ones and the person you plan on spending the rest of your life with.

Get yourself a personal loan that suits your pocket and allows you to enjoy your wedding day without wondering how you will be able to afford it after the ceremony.


Pros of wedding loans

High-interest rates may be frightening but with these loans, the interest rates are generally lower than those of credit cards, which your banker might advise you to take. 

The repayment structure is also beneficial because you are usually expected to settle your loan between two and seven years, which is an ample amount of time for cash you receive within 60 minutes of completing your application process.

There are no boundaries on what you and your spouse decide to do with your money, getting that venue you guys have always dreamt of or that special honeymoon you always talk about.


What other loans are provided

There are multiple different loans that suit your different needs, circumstances and scenarios as an individual.


Debt consolidation

Letters piling up in the mail and your email inbox, what if there was a way to pay all your different debts by combining them into one.

This is what a personal loan offers, get a lump sum of cash to settle all your separate debt and have one repayment to focus on.

Having to work towards settling one repayment rather than 5 different ones helps you manage your repayments and lessons the risk of one of them slipping through the cracks.


Vehicle repairs

Repairing your wheels can be quite pricey, and something you haven’t planned for, being without your wheels can be a nightmare.

So getting your ride up and running again might be a priority that needs immediate fixing, immediate fixing needs immediate funding, and a fast personal loan provides that.



When life throws you a googly, and you do not have a backup plan, Jacaranda finance and their loans are exactly that, the perfect backup plan.

Emergencies come at the worst time, let one of our agents help you get through these difficult periods with the speedy online application process.


Medical bills

Taking care of your loved ones is at the top of the list for everyone, making sure they are safe on the other hand can sometimes be out of your control.

Having a sudden medical emergency you have not budgeted for can cause a lot of stress and emotional strain on you, personal loans are there to help ease all that in a matter of minutes.

With quick responses which medical bills usually require, you will one less problem to think about while your loved one is recovering.


What you need to know

The frustration that comes with waiting in long lines at the bank can be unbearable, skip all that by completing a loan application that is 100% online with an average turnaround of 60 minutes.

You might have the cash to settle your loan earlier than expected, well with Jacaranda finance that is possible. The $0 prepayment fee now allows you to do so without paying any exorbitant penalty.

Worried that how your employer is paying your wages or salary might affect your repayment, well that will not be a problem because you can pay your fixed repayment rate, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 


Money should never come in the way of making your special day memorable, getting yourself a personal loan and making your wedding dreams come to reality.

Jacaranda finance is here to help you with whatever it is you and your spouse require, do not hesitate to go over to our website where one of our trusted agents will be able to assist you with any further questions you might have.

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