Why Adventurous Couples Should Invest In The Best Luggage Bags

by Susan Paige
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Travelling with your partner is an exciting activity that strengthens your bond and expands your knowledge about the world. And while it’s essential to plan your itinerary and accommodation, you must also prioritize your luggage.  

Having the proper bags for travel offers you enough space for your belongings and ensures their safety. So, you need to pass on those cheap bags that wear down after a few uses. You and your partner deserve a product that matches your styles while protecting your valuables no matter where you two goes.  

Hence, it’s a must to invest in luggage that can keep up with your globe-trotting lifestyle, especially if you’re a couple who travels frequently. If you’re still undecided whether getting a good-quality bag is worth it, here are some reasons why you should splurge a little for the best luggage:

  • Designer Luggage


When considering travel bags that don’t scrimp on style, quality, and durability, your first thought must go to high-end brands. If you want to go the extra mile with your travel bags, then choose designer luggage. Premium leather luggage offers a great range of colours without sacrificing style, so choose a bag that fits with your personal style. Leather is also more durable, and ages well with leather patina.  


“Grand Travel Bag from Von Baer”


They’re also built for functionality, so whether you’re on a leisure or business trip, the bag will look amazing with any of your travel outfits. Since designer luggage bags often have different classy styles, you can pick one that suits your tastes or choose a matching pair for you and your partner. That way, it’ll be easier to spot them or decorate them however you want. Of course, there’s no denying that designer bags tend to be pricey. But if you have one for traveling, rest assured that your items are safe inside as you move from place to place.


  • Easy Commuting

While abroad or traveling to other places in your country, you’re most likely to take taxis, trains, and buses to get around. That’s why investing in an excellent, high-quality luggage bag is best. Traveling with broken luggage is not only stressful but unsafe. You can put yourself in danger by revealing your valuables or having to repair your bag occasionally while commuting around somewhere unfamiliar.

The best luggage for traveling saves you time and energy from inconveniences that may pop up along the way. A low-quality bag will fall apart after several uses, especially if you always put too much stuff inside. Any luggage bag that’s poorly manufactured may also feel heavier and uncomfortable, making it challenging to move from place to place.  

Better bags make traveling by commute or on foot much more stress-free since you’re assured your luggage won’t break on the way. You won’t need to worry about leaving behind a breadcrumb trail with a good-quality bag, either.


  • Doubled Security

You’ll often find bags with little padlocks approved by the Travel Security Administration (TSA) when traveling. But nowadays, persistent thieves can find ways to dismantle even the sturdiest, most secure locks. Thus, some of the best luggage bags now have unique security zippers or built-in tracking devices you can connect to your phone.   

Many companies that sell travel bags also offer products with modern safety features, such as durable materials and theft-proof designs. If you want to ensure your belongings stay safe from swiping hands, invest in proper bags made of stronger fabric, such as leather, or hard material like aluminum and polycarbonate. Thieves are less likely to attempt cutting through leather duffels or hard-case luggage bags.  

When you and your partner use secure luggage bags on your trips, you’ll have more time to enjoy free traveling as newlyweds and create more beautiful memories together.


  • More Storage

Traveling for long periods usually entails bringing a whole load of things. You or your significant other may be tempted to stuff your entire closet in backpacks. You’re more likely to lug along an extra bag when this happens. Some large carry-ons are pretty flexible, and then others are often structured. So, you have limited space for your travel belongings.  

However, choosing a better travel bag will make it easier to pack the essentials and only enough items for a trip. The best luggage for travelers usually offers enough room for everything you need. You’ll also get to learn how to pack for trips more effectively. The extra weight will not only require a fee on the plane, but additional and unnecessary items in your bag may shorten what would otherwise be your luggage’s long lifespan.


  • Protection From The Elements

Wherever you and your partner go, you’ll encounter rain, snow, or intense sunshine. If rocks can erode from the elements, what more if you left your bag standing around in the open? Low-quality luggage bags are often made of cheap material that breaks down over time, especially if you don’t care for them correctly.  

Newer travel bags are now made of UV-resistant material to protect your belongings from sun damage and either waterproof or water-resistant outer material. So, your valuables stay dry even if you have to leave your luggage in the rain for a while. That isn’t to say that your bag is water-resistant on the inside, too. Even if you have the latest travel luggage, always ensure your liquid items are sealed shut.   


  • Longer Warranties

Not every travel bag has a warranty. More often than not, an expensive and high-quality product comes with one, and some of the best luggage bags out there are no exceptions. Despite assuring their customers that their bags can last a long time, manufacturers usually add another safety net in the rare cases where their sturdy products get damaged right after purchase.  

Reputable luggage and travel bag brands offer understandable warranty conditions that cover an extended timeframe. So, if your luggage has any factory defect like a faulty zipper or gets slightly scuffed at the airport, the manufacturer should be able to repair it for free or for a small price. Thus, investing in travel luggage with more than a one- or two-year warranty is best. If you can find bags with a 10-year or lifetime warranty, don’t pass the chance.


  • Extra Features

It’s time to switch to a new bag if you’re still using the same one from ten years ago. Modern luggage bags for traveling now incorporate many practical features, like a USB charging port for your phone. It’s a great perk to have, especially if you’re traveling to the cheapest places in the world and can’t always find electric sockets.   

Remember the tracking devices from earlier? Many new travel bags also have one, so in case you misplace your or your partner’s luggage, you can easily find it using your phone. Your smartphone can also be the key to unlocking your bag if it has the feature. You no longer need to bring an extra set of keys or fumble around with a number code whenever you go out for trips.



Traveling with the love of your life can be fun, affordable, and safe if you invest in high-quality bags. The best luggage bags provide enough space for your stuff, keep them secure, withstand the elements, and even complement your outfits. They’re much more expensive than others, but if you and your significant other want hassle-free adventures around the world, getting a pair of great bags is the way to start.

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