Ways to Make a Staycation Honeymoon More Exciting

by Susan Paige
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Getting married can be an incredibly exciting prospect as you and the person that you love announce in front of your family and friends that you are going to be spending the rest of your lives together. However, there is a great deal that goes into planning for a wedding and the cost of all of these different aspects can really rack up before you know it. Then you have to pay for a big honeymoon after everything has finished, it can all begin to seem like a bit much. As such, it is hardly a surprise that so many newlyweds have begun embracing the staycation for honeymoons rather than jetting off abroad. Of course, if you decide to do this, then you might be wondering how you can make your staycation more exciting. Well, if this is the case, then be sure to continue reading as everything will be discussed in more detail below.  


Play Games 

Having a staycation means you can make the most out of your time together – there’s no need to rush around visiting a lot of sites, you can simply enjoy each other’s company. Lots of couples enjoy playing games together. There is such a huge variety out there that you really can’t go wrong as there is easily something for everybody. For instance, if you are a fan of online gambling, then you can head over to some of the best paying casino online websites out there. 

You could also play board games as a couple as these really allow you to bond and connect on your holiday as you laugh with one another and bring out each other’s competitive side. As it’s your honeymoon why not spice it up by having forfeits for whoever loses. There are a number of different games out there specifically made for couples and as such, it is worth having a look at these and seeing which one appeals to you the most.  


Watch a Scary Film 

There is something about watching a scary film as a couple that really brings you closer together. You end up holding one another close as parts in the movie get tense and then laugh at each other’s reactions as the jump scares take hold. You can easily do this without venturing into the real world, given streaming services already have a range of different films available – you can even get a food delivery and fill it with popcorn and fizzy sweets to replicate the film experience. The range of scary films acts as a massive benefit too, given you can really span different decades when looking for a title that will suit you the most. 


Make a Romantic Meal 

You should have a look for fancy restaurants in your area – dress up and go out. Get a taxi so that both of you can relax and have fun (whether you drink or not). You can also hire people to cook fancy meals at your own home, if you don’t fancy going out – which might be a bit more special than ordering your regular take out, but if you want take out go for it! Get the table set, pour some wine, dim the lights and make it a special occasion no matter what you’re eating.  


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