10 Dates Newlyweds Should Try to Strengthen Their Love and Mental Health

by Tamila McDonald
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Many people struggle with their mental health. In some cases, periods of stress can trigger symptoms related to a mental health condition. Others may have a mental health diagnosis reflecting a condition they’ll have long-term, potentially even for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, partners can strengthen their relationship by going on dates that are mental health-conscious. Here are ten mental health dates that newlyweds should try.

1. Watch a Comedic Movie at Home

Laughing is known to have a range of mental health benefits, including reducing anxiety and promoting the release of feel-good chemicals in the brain. It can also reduce stress levels, which can benefit anyone.

By watching a funny movie at home, you’re also staying in a comfortable environment. Busy places or venues that require being close to unfamiliar people – such as a movie theater – can trigger anxiety for some. However, you can also check for potential alternatives if you prefer to head out. For example, a drive-in theater lets you enjoy the movie from the comfort of your vehicle, which can create a sense of separation from others.

2. Head to a Nearby Beach or Waterfall

Getting a little bit of exercise can be beneficial to your mental health. The same is true of being outdoors. But if you head to a spot where you can also hear the water, the benefits may increase. Consider taking a long walk on the beach or a hike to a nearby waterfall. Bring a picnic lunch and plenty of drinking water, too, as well as any potentially useful safety equipment or other tools.

If a walk doesn’t feel like the right option, consider finding a restaurant that’s near the ocean where you can hear the waves. Request a seat in the outdoor dining area, allowing you to enjoy the sound of the waves.

3. Try a Coffee Date

For a low-key date that isn’t particularly expensive, consider going out to a café for coffee. It creates an opportunity to spend time together but usually costs less than getting a complete meal. Plus, many cafés have outdoor seating areas, which are good for people watching or enjoying some sunshine.

Try to select a time that isn’t as popular with commuters or lunchtime visitors, such as mid-morning or mid-afternoon. That may help reduce the chances of their being a larger crowd. Similarly, selecting a location that isn’t on a main thoroughfare or close to a popular shopping destination may have a similar effect. Otherwise, get the coffee to-go and head to a local park instead.

4. Take a Craft Class

Crafting often creates opportunities for creativity. Plus, trying something new together can strengthen your bond, improving your relationship.

Fortunately, there are plenty of craft class options available. You can try local courses offered by various organizations or retail businesses. If you prefer, you can order at-home kits and do them in your house. You can even find YouTube instructional videos if you want and then get the needed supplies before trying it together.

5. Drive a Scenic Highway

One option for getting out in nature that still offers some privacy is to take a drive down a scenic highway. It’s a great opportunity to explore the beauty of an area without having to deal with crowds. Plus, there can be fun spots to pull over for pictures.

Many scenic highways are also home to unique destinations, like quirky diners or tourist attractions. As a result, you can always stop if the mood strikes.

6. Have a Book Store Date

Bookstores are typically relatively quiet, which is beneficial if one or both partners have anxiety that’s triggered by noise or rowdy behavior. As a result, it’s a nice place for an indoor stroll, particularly if one or both of you are avid readers.

Plus, many bookstores have coffee shops or cafés, giving you a place for drinks or snacks. Most often sell more than just books, too, including board games, puzzles, and similar activities. As a result, you may find something you can do for a later at-home date while you’re there.

7. Nighttime Mini Golf

For couples that like to do an activity, nighttime mini golf could be an excellent date. Usually, younger children aren’t around once it starts getting late, and there’s typically less of a crowd, both of which can benefit individuals with certain mental health struggles.

Nighttime mini golf is also a chance to get outside and do something that’s a bit physical but light. Since it’s darker, it also decreases the likelihood that either partner will feel observed by strangers, which is helpful for those with specific types of anxiety.

8. Museums

Museums are another quiet destination in many cases, and they aren’t always particularly crowded. Plus, they’re chances to learn about interesting topics, which can make the trip more engaging and may spur conversations later.

Another benefit of museums is that some also have restaurants on-site, making them a reasonable spot for a quick bite. Just be aware that individuals with anxiety may want to avoid museums on days oriented to school-aged visitors, such as when local field trips are scheduled or days when there are discounts for children’s tickets. Additionally, heading in closer to closing time on a weekday is potentially better, as fewer people are usually there.

9. Aquariums

Like museums, aquariums can often be quite peaceful. Watching the marine life in the exhibits is also soothing to some, which is beneficial. It’s also common for aquariums to have options for drinks and meals, making them convenient.

Just be aware that the same rules can apply to aquariums as do for museums. If you want to avoid crowds, try late afternoon or evening arrivals on weekdays, as there may be fewer people there.

10. Cooking at Home

Cooking together can be a great bonding experience. Plus, you get to enjoy a nice meal at the end. If you want to turn this into a date, consider making something you wouldn’t usually create at home. This can include anything from higher-end entrées to fun baked goods. Just make sure that the food is appealing to you both and not too far above your skill levels. Additionally, find high-quality instructions if you’re trying something new, preferably an option with visual references that can help you ensure you’re doing each step correctly.

Do you have any other ideas that can help couples plan mental health dates that also strengthen their love and relationship? Have you tried any of the recommendations above and want to tell others about your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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