Monthly Archive: November 2010

Nov 29 2010

Book Review: Tweet This!

I have a confession to make: I’m not a big fan of Twitter. I use it sporadically, and don’t really “get it.” Who cares what I’m doing? Why do I care what others are doing? A part of me hopes it’s just a fad. But as someone who works in public relations, I know the …

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Nov 28 2010

(Dream) Home shopping

xmas 005

Before Eric started his new job, most of our weekend mornings were spent walking to our local bakery for some morning coffee and a fresh basked pastry. I loved the laziness of it, the not rushing to be somewhere, and I enjoyed our conversations as we stared at the lovely Newport Beach homes that we …

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Nov 25 2010

Being thankful means…

I just wanted to share a simple message for this Thanksgiving. Thankfulness is wanting what you have and Contentment is not wanting more. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23 2010

The best ever “how we met” story


This is the best “how we met” story you will ever hear. Yes, it happens to be mine. Narcissistic, much? One year ago today, Eric sent an email that would change both our lives. On Nov. 23, 2009, Eric ran a Google search for music in Orange County. He stumbled upon my now-defunct personal blog …

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Nov 16 2010

Putting problems into perspective

via We Heart It

Every year, we make new year’s resolutions and every year, we’re inevitably bound to break them. But despite knowing that we’re somehow destined to fail, we repeat the pattern of making and breaking because we hope that maybe, just maybe, one little tiny resolution will stick and we’ll feel like a better person because of …

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Nov 14 2010

Why I’m not a Dave Ramsey Fan

I read a lot of personal finance blogs and I frequently hear references to Dave Ramsey as if he’s some sort of God. Being an Oprah fan–yeah, I admit it!–I’ve always been more into Suze Orman, and worshiped The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke like it was my bible because hey, I …

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