Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 28 2010

How I (almost) overdrafted our checking account

This one should go down as “How being too responsible can cause you to overdraft your checking account.” Since starting the new job, I can’t do a variety of things I used to do at my old job: such as writing up posts, reading blogs, doing my grocery shopping and running errands during my lunch …

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Dec 25 2010

Merry Christmas from The Newlyweds!


Merry Christmas!

Dec 22 2010

They say money can’t buy happiness…

Oh hello little blog. How are you doing today? Long time no write. When I had my old blog, I used to think that if I stopped blogging, the world would essentially fall apart because my life was so important that everyone who read my blog would just die if they didn’t know what was …

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Dec 10 2010

Completely debt free…for 1.5 hours

The past three days, I’ve gone Christmas shopping and ran errands. But for the most part, I’ve sat around the house our shack in my pajamas, eating unlawful amounts of pasta, pizza, chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn, and cookies, while watching Dexter, Oprah, and Christmas movies. I took three days off between jobs. I start the new …

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Dec 06 2010

Should we cut into savings to pay off our credit card?

I’m not sure I’ve shared this little secret with you, but Eric and I had the majority of our credit card debt on one card–which has a 0% special interest rate. We moved over two balances from two different cards back in April and May and qualified for this special interest rate, until December 2010 …

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Dec 02 2010

Why White Elephant Parties are the Dumbest Idea Ever


The holidays roll around. You have to buy tons of gifts for your family. Those ‘nice’ co-workers give you something, so now you have to give them something. The Starbucks people want more tips. Your hairdresser wants more tips. And you may need a new dress for that holiday party… So let me get this …

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