Monthly Archive: January 2011

Jan 30 2011

GIVEAWAY: The best bra in the world


I have found the best bra in the world. And I’m ready to give one away! Let me preface—I feel like I’ve tried on every bra in the world. From Walmart to Nordstrom’s to Italy, I’ve seen them all. I stuck with Victoria’s Secret for a while just bevcause they’re supposed to be the bra …

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Jan 28 2011

Is it worth it to pay off loans?

Car loans, student loans, where to start? A lot of people have suggested that we should use any extra money we have to pay off my students loans and car loan. How much is the debt, you ask? At this point—student loans are about $24,000 and my car loan is at $8,000, with a scheduled …

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Jan 24 2011

A fun money account for husbands?

What happens when one person is really good at managing money and the other person is really…not? How do you teach the other person good spending and saving habits without wrecking the household budget in the process? This was our dilemma. Eric and I obviously came into this relationship with diverse spending and savings habits. …

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Jan 19 2011

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life

Picnik collage

Life is so much more fun with you in it…

Jan 17 2011

A job that pays, or a job that you love?

Would you rather have a job that you love but doesn’t pay very well, or a job that pays much better but isn’t quite as fulfilling? (And for the purposes of this post, yes, they are mutually exclusive.) This was the question posed recently by Girl with the Red Balloon. It’s a question that I’ve …

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Jan 12 2011

How to Budget in Six Easy Steps

how to budget

There are several  websites out there that can give you complex-looking  equations, color coded schemes and in-depth Excel spreadsheets. My blog is not one of those websites. I hate math—I took Computer Science 101 in college to fulfill my math requirement. I introduce to you the easy way to make a budget. It happens to …

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