Jun 20 2011

How to make money blogging

Let’s be honest. None of us average folk really start a blog thinking we’re going to become millionaires off of it…but it’s always nice to earn some extra cash doing what you already do anyway. And as a “sorta, not really, but kinda” personal finance blogger, making extra cash to buy clothes and go out to dinner pay off debt is in our DNA!

I always wondered how people got those sponsored posts and how they got to host giveaways, and I always felt like making money off blogging was this sorta secret society that you weren’t allowed to share unless you luckily got invited in. So this is my invitation to you! You won’t be able to quit your day job, but maybe you’ll be able to afford that cute blazer you’ve been eying, just like I did!

Here we go:

Social Spark

This is by far the best way to earn some extra cash in my opinion. You sign up, and are given daily “leads” to sponsor posts on your blog. Sometimes there are a lot of leads, and sometimes there are only a couple. Depending on the campaign, you can earn between 500 and 2,500 points or more. Each point is worth 1 cent. When you earn 5,000 points, you cash out through Paypal and get a hefty $50 check. Pretty spiffy, huh?

I’ve only done one sponsored post, and am already halfway through earning my first $50 check!

Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored tweets is almost identical to Social Spark except instead of blogging, you tweet! I’m not going to lie, I’ve only earned mere pennies, and there’s something that doesn’t rub me the right way of spamming people with sponsored tweets, but you can choose which tweets you send out (hence, me only earning pennies) and the frequency of them as well.

Giveaway blogs

Giveaway Blogs connects companies with bloggers to host giveaways. I’ve had mild success, but have won a few contests worth of freebies by checking out others’ giveaways! I’m all about the freebies. And right now, they’re hosting a Wii giveaway to the blogger that refers the most bloggers! So sign up for free blog giveaways and tell them I referred you! ( I completely had no idea of this contest until I signed in literally two seconds ago, but figured I’d throw that in there).

Google AdSense

This is another one of those mere pennies, but it can’t hurt type of things. In the past two weeks, I’ve earned 34 cents. At this rate, I’ll maybe earn $20 in a year? If I’m lucky, maybe? Google Adsense places text ads on your blog. The more people click on them, the more money you earn. Easy peasy.

What are some other ways you earn money blogging?


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  1. Derek | MoneyAhoy.com

    The social spark thing sounds awesome. I’ll have to check into that today!

  2. alicia

    thank you for your comment on my blog first off! secondly thank you for this post. i have been so curious about how people get to do sponsored posts. I look forward to reading more of your blog especially the budgeting info. I suck at budgeting.

  3. Karen

    Great post! I am quite new to the pf blogosphere. I am currently waiting for my Google AdSense account to be approved. I will definitely check out the other sites in the mean time.

  4. Jim McClellan

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the 34-cents figure has grown substantially after your appearance on CNN!! Congratulations. Great blog.

  5. Ashley

    This is pretty helpful. I started a blog recently to document my experience with buying my first home and how I’m going to fix things without much of a budget to use. I thought that maybe if I turned the google Ads on that it would bring in a few extra dollars my wait. Every penny counts when you have things to fix!
    I definitely have checked out your suggestions. I guess I just need more posts and more readers! It’s only been a month but I’m willing to wait.

    Thanks for your tips!

  6. DCSquared

    I’m SUPER late but this was GREAT advice!! :) Thank you!! :)

  7. City Girl

    RTing this after I type my comment since I know that lots of bloggers wonder the same thing. I turned it into freelance writing BC (Before Cancer). Since cancer, it’s let to a lot of other opportunities. xoxo

    1. Skinny Dip

      I’m seconding what City Girl said – the most effective way I’ve monetized my blog is through the freelance writing gigs I’ve scored through my blog (by using my blog as a writing portfolio of sorts) I’ve received extra income this way as well as lots of other cool opportunities.

  8. Teacher Girl

    I am off to check out Social Spark now. Great tips!

  9. Jennifer

    Hmm…I’ve been toying with the idea of making a few extra bucks, but honestly I don’t think I blog enough to really give it the good old college try. Thanks for sharing your tips, though. : )

  10. Kristin@ Ogo's Love Nest

    I’m new to blogging and have thought the same way. How do they do it? I started the adsense about 3 weeks ago and have $0.95. Woot-woot. Haha.

    I’m going to try some of your other suggestions. Thanks!

  11. Ariella

    Nice! I heard the good thing about Ad Sense is that you can figure out how to charge people who want to advertise on your blog, which is how you make the big bucks. It’s definitely a start and something I’ll look into after I relaunch my blog. Thanks for this!

  12. Megg

    Oh wow, thank you so much for this! I love it! I don’t want to get rich writing my blog at ALL but I would like to earn a little extra cash. So far all I’ve done is apply for BLogHer ads (didn’t get them) and add Google Ads. With the Google Ads I’ve earned $2.52 which makes me feel pretty good! Sure, it’s not even a cup of coffee, but I suspended the payments and am waiting to see if it’ll go up. It used to be only .50 so I’m getting somewhere!

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