Dec 27 2012

How to make money fast for a wedding

Eric and I had to plan our wedding in three weeks. We had very little money saved and no real idea what we were going to do. To keep costs down, we decided to get married in the courthouse and have a reception at my parents’ house.

But even then, costs really added up. Between the food, alcohol, linen rentals, flowers, entertainment…we were easily looking at several thousand dollars for a small 50-person wedding.

A lot of the costs needed to be paid up front, which depleted the little savings we had, and the rest of the expenses ended up on our credit card.

We were in such a bad place financially. All we needed was some extra cash to make it through. Having to worry about our finances really put a small dark cloud over what was supposed to be such a joyous occasion.

I wish we had known at the time about online payday loans with Dollars Direct. These flexible, short term loans allow you to quickly get your hands on cash and repay it at a schedule that’s convenient for you.

A loan would have helped us not to stress financially at such an important time in our lives.

Eric and I were lucky in that we had our parents help us in paying for the wedding, but I know some other friends who aren’t as lucky.

After we got married, we made a vow to increase our savings so we never found ourselves in a situation where we didn’t have enough money to pay for things. We both worked second jobs and saved a ton of money, while also paying off debt.

There have been many emergencies in the past couple of years where we would have been in a desperate situation had we not had savings. For example, Eric injured his back and was unemployed for an entire month. Then, I crashed the car, and had to pay the $1,000 insurance deductible.

I felt lucky that we had the money set aside to take care of ourselves in these situations. But had we not, it is nice to know that we could have relied on payday loans to help us pay for these emergencies.

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