Your Health is the Most Important Investment You Will Ever Make

by Erika Torres
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In this day and age it’s amazing how many people think it’s ok to live without health coverage. We are all one catastrophic accident away from impending bankruptcy, that is, if you don’t have health insurance. What’s even worse is that those of you who go without health insurance will purposely avoid routine check-ups that could prevent even more costly issues in the future. In fact, there are people out there with serious conditions that avoid going to the doctor simply because of the financial implications. Saving and investing your money is a great thing, but not at the expense of your health. Your health is even more important than paying down debt. After all, what good is money if you aren’t alive to enjoy it.

As someone who live with auto-immune disease, I can tell you that medication can get to be very expensive…even if you have the best health coverage out there! I have great insurance through my work but even I pay a pretty penny for a special formulation medication each month. This is precisely when a discount pharmacy comes in handy. You can order online, in bulk, and have it shipped directly to your home. No need to visit the local drugstore each month, and best of all, you usually can save some money going this route. Just like other online retailers they are able to avoid all that overhead that comes with additional employees and paying rent and maintenance.

Not only is it important to have health coverage, it’s important to have good coverage! What I mean by good coverage is insurance that will allow you to visit your current doctors and meet all of our current medical needs. You also want something that will provide adequate coverage in the event that you are ever seriously hospitalized. Just last year I spent one week in the hospital and left with a bill that totaled over $30,000! I can’t imagine if I had to pay that entire bill myself. Fortunately I pay the maximum monthly insurance premium available through my employer so I only had to pay a fraction of that cost. I learned my lesson years prior when I had to have an emergency surgery in my early 20’s. It was the first year I ever had my own health coverage and I took the cheapest plan available because I figured I was a young and healthy. I didn’t count on needing surgery of any kind. That taught me a valuable lesson about being prepared for the worst rather than hoping for the best.

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