Money Saving New Year’s Tips

by Erika Torres

Now that 2017 just flew by, it’s time to look at the upcoming year and see how we can all save some money! Here are some tips to tackle the New Year’s with a money-saving bang.

Chop Off Unused Memberships and Subscriptions

Haven’t been to the gym in 3 months? Haven’t logged into your Netflix account in a while? Paying for a magazine subscription that you simply recycle because you don’t have the time to read? Whenever you realize that a membership or subscription has turned into a monthly donation instead, it’s time to say goodbye.

Price Compare

If you’ve put this off, it’s time to buckle down. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by finding the best prices are your constant expenses like utilities and insurances. Price comparison shopping isn’t even that difficult. You can find comparison sites online or even make a few calls. Get at least 2-3 quotes on each expense. The big ones to concentrate on at least once a year (or at the end of each contract) are electricity, car insurance, home insurance, cell phone plans, and even extras like cable.


Food can easily become one of the top expenses of any budget. Even groceries can cost hundreds more than necessary as wants seem to become needs. Think of your favorite meals. Then think of the least expensive ways of making them happen. Lunches can be made as one pot meals on the weekends and packaged individually for the week. Dinners can be more at home with the occasional night out as a treat. Most of your favorite dishes are actually tastier at home if you get a little practice with spices and whatnot.

Analyze Wants Vs Needs

A huge thing to do at least annually is to take a close look at your outgoing money and really think about each expense. Do you need it? If not, does it make you happy continuously? Does it better your life? Look at your life’s priorities and schedule then spend accordingly. You may be surprised to notice that huge chunks of your money aren’t going to your personal priorities at all.

What do you try to do each year to save money?

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rosie September 30, 2016 - 6:31 am

thanks for these tips! definitely worth a try and see if it can help me

Chad January 21, 2016 - 4:36 am

Great tips, I Should try all those methods. I need to save 6000$ since my roof is in bad condition and leaking. I was thinking to take loan but my credit score is to low, and bank offered me 17% interest rate. I think that is ripoff.

Kelly January 19, 2016 - 5:46 pm

I always make more than two quotes especially for those expensive things because it’s better to do this to make sure that we’re making use of our money wisely and to get the best products out there in a cheaper price.

James January 17, 2016 - 1:13 am

We’re actually trying to save on food by meal planning and choosing the healthier but cheaper food. As I am very conscious about my health, that means less meat and more veggies, which I think are very budget friendly.


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