How to Be Stylish on a Budget Honeymoon

by Erika Torres

Many newly married couples have to settle for taking a honeymoon on a budget. However, this definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t go someplace amazing, and it also doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your unique style while you’re there. Check out the fashion tips below so you can be stylish even on your budget honeymoon.

Shop for Your Favorite Styles Online

Rather than going to expensive boutiques in the mall, opt instead to shop online for new clothes that you can wear throughout your honeymoon. You can score some amazing discounts from top retailers, so definitely take the time to shop online from your office or home before your trip.

If you’re going to be spending your honeymoon in a tropical location, there are so many beautiful bikinis to choose from online, and if you’re going to be hiking or going on other outdoor adventures, you can find a new pair of boots or sneakers, as well as cute sunglasses and hats. And don’t forget to also check out online dress boutiques to find adorable outfits you can wear to lunch and dinner.

Shop Discount Stores

From outlet malls to discount stores like TJ Maxx, you can find a lot of great styles, some even from the world’s best designers, at surprisingly affordable prices if you know where to look and you take the time to shop for the pieces that work for you.

Even the biggest and most popular retailers will have discounted options available at the end of the season when they’re trying to clear out their inventory and make room for new arrivals, so if you time out your shopping just right, you will be able to snag a lot of fashion for a small price and you can take all of these great new items with you on your honeymoon.

See What’s Already in Your Closet

In addition to finding new items that you can pack for your upcoming honeymoon, consider saving money by looking in your closet for clothes that you already have but that still are in good shape and look great on you.

Trends come and go, so even if you have clothes that are a few years old, you may find that the trends have come full circle and those pieces are in style yet again. From dresses and tops, to shoes and pants, you may have forgotten about some of the treasures that you have within your closet at home, so why spend more if you don’t really have to?

Look for Affordable Accessories

Even if you can’t afford to buy entire outfits, you can still use the clothes that you have and change them up by combining them with new accessories, such as shoes, scarves, jewelry, bags, and more. So invest in some of these accessories to revamp or upgrade an existing outfit easily.

With the helpful tips above, you are guaranteed to find some amazing clothes and accessories for your upcoming honeymoon, even if you’re planning everything on a tight budget.


Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank April 9, 2016 - 6:41 pm

I and my wife enjoyed a bit of luxurious honeymoon. Though we’d prefer to stay on budget, this only happens like for once and it’s the first time. We prepared for this expense for months, so basically it’s worth spending some cash.

Joe March 31, 2016 - 7:28 am

Hi Erika!
I can’t speak much to the clothing side of a honeymoon, but a fun honeymoon doesn’t always mean a ton of money. We eloped (of sorts) on a beach in Clearwater, and honeymooned in Orlando for two weeks for about $5k. And as I think about it, it may have been in the $4k range. That also included 10 day passes to Disney which never expire. Sure, we took advantage of things like a hotel which offered breakfast, hit the grocery store to help cover meals cheaper. But we did a lot, and not sit in our hotel every day because we didn’t want to spend money. There’s a balance with spending, and if you’re careful you don’t have to go crazy.


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