Cheap Ways to Keep the Romance Alive Post-Honeymoon

by Erika Torres
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A honeymoon is the pinnacle of months of wedding planning. You and your beloved, alone together in a gorgeous location, with nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company. In this situation, it is not difficult to create a bit of romance, and if you are having a hard time doing so, this is not a good sign!

The big problem with honeymoons is that sooner or later you have to come back home; and therefore back to earth with a bang. Real life is not always very romantic: there are bills to pay, stressful jobs to deal with, and all the usual lumps and bumps of married life. You may also be dealing with a ton of debt, so spending quality time together needs to be done on the cheap.

Here are a few simple ways to keep the romance alive when the honeymoon is over, and the good news is that you don’t need to spend much money in the process.

Weekend Love-Ins

The weekend is a time to kick back and chill out. After a long week at work, both of you will be tired and grumpy. If you had lots of cash, you could arrange to meet up with friends for drinks or go to the cinema to catch the latest movie. However, when money is tight, this is not an option, so it is time to do things differently.

Instead of going out, create some romance indoors instead. Find a romantic movie on Netflix and make the living room nice and comfortable. Light the fire, look for large sheepskin rugs online so you can cosy up together, and turn the lights down low. What could be more romantic?

Romantic Picnics in the Park

Date nights (and days) can be cheap and romantic if you find inexpensive things to do together. A picnic in the park on a warm day is perfect. Prepare some nice treats, pack a picnic basket, and go for a nice stroll. You can even take the dog if you have one, although watch he doesn’t scoff all the food when you start smooching.

Watch the Sun Rise Together

Watching the sun rise together is really romantic and it costs nothing at all, apart from any fuel you might use to drive somewhere scenic. You can watch the sun rise anywhere, but for best results, hike up a hill and find a nice spot to snuggle up together as the sun peeks over the horizon and a new day begins.

Candlelit Dinner a Deux

Romantic dinners for two are lovely, but they can also be quite expensive, so instead of booking a table in a fancy restaurant take the time and trouble to prepare a delicious dinner for your other half. Light candles, plug in a romantic playlist, and the evening will be wonderful.

With a bit of effort, you don’t have to let the romance die when the honeymoon is over. If you do something romantic each and every day, your marriage will survive the test of time.

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Francesca Mason April 28, 2016 - 10:43 am

These are nice ideas 🙂 bit harder for us as we have a little one, but still can be done! Definitely important to take time to just be together x


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