Pre-engagement Ring vs. Promise Ring: Which One is Best?

by Chonce Maddox
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promise ring, engagement ring, which type of ring is betterGetting engaged or receiving a promise ring can certainly mean your relationship has reached the next level. However, receiving ‘the ring’ doesn’t always mean a wedding is right around the corner. Rings are exchanged in romantic relationships for various different reasons.

On one end, it’s just jewelry. On the other end, it can represent something very special and mean something different to each couple. Let’s take a look at the differences between a promise ring and pre-engagement ring.

Promise Rings

A promise ring is always given before an engagement but doesn’t always mean an engagement is coming in the future. Generally, a promise ring is given to symbolize a promise whether your partner wants to pledge their faithfulness to you or just solidify the fact that your relationship is evolving and you’re growing closer.

Promise rings are often given as gifts for special events like birthdays and anniversaries. They also tend to cost less than engagement or pre-engagement rings depending on what your budget is. Nevertheless, you probably want your promise ring to be cheaper and simpler than your engagement or wedding ring anyway.

Pre-Engagement Rings

Pre-engagement rings are a bit different given the fact that they are given with the sole promise of getting engagement. If you are giving your partner a pre-engagement ring, it’s important that you have a discussion about where your relationship is at currently and where you’d like it to go in the future.

A pre-engagement ring should look more like an engagement or wedding ring and might include a small solitaire diamond or a larger gemstone surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Which Would You Prefer?

The definition of a promise ring and a pre-engagement ring will always vary for each couple. You have to decide what it means to you and you also have to decide if it’s necessary. I received a promise ring and an engagement ring only from my husband. We added a wedding band to the ring when we got married and I was perfectly fine with that.

If you both like sentimental gestures and will value the ring, it’s perfectly fine to get one or the other.

Personally, I don’t see pre-engagement rings as necessary if you know you’ve discussed getting married in the future and know it’s something you both want. Remember, engagement rings and wedding bands can be very pricey, not to mention the price of planning an entire wedding.

A general rule of thumb (which I think is horrible) is to spend around 3 months’ of your salary on an engagement ring. By no means do you have to follow that guideline, and I’d actually recommend you don’t and simply focus on sticking to your budget.

Realize that a flashy ring isn’t the end all be all. What’s more important, is that you can keep your promises behind the ring and remain committed to your partner. Marriage is hard work, and it’s better to focus on maintaining a healthy relationship than feeding into all the glitz and glam.

Have you ever given or received a promise ring or pre-engagement ring? How much do you think is necessary to spend on an engagement ring?

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