3 Key Mistakes to Avoid Before Sending Save the Date Cards

by Susan Paige
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Imagine if you have just got engaged and are ready for the big day. It’s an amazing experience to know you’ve finally found the ‘one’. And you will no doubt want to tell everyone as soon as possible and firm up the date of the wedding.

But before you send out the invite be sure to make some additional checks to ensure you get your save the date cards right.

Read on to find out what not to do when sending out save the dates.

1. Don’t Invite People You Don’t Want

If you send out save the dates too early then you could even up inviting people you later fall out with. In the rush of excitement, you could also invite too many people.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you have invited a whole bunch of people that you later realize you never wanted there in the first place.

Be sure to agree on the guest list with your partner first to avoid any arguments later down the line and be honest with each other about who you want at your big day.

Only send out the invites when you have firmed up more details of the wedding and within a reasonable time frame.

2. Be Clear on the Date and the Venue

The point of sending out save the date cards is so that people set aside that date to attend.

If you aren’t clear on the venue or other important issues then you can end up in a situation where you have to change the date and send out more save the date cards.

Be sure to pay the deposit for your venue and ensure musicians, chefs, florists, and photographers are all booked and able to make your day before you send out the guest list.

3. Leave Enough Time

When to send save the dates is a tough question to answer.

Whilst you don’t want to send out your save the date cards until everything is booked, at the same time you don’t want to wait until two weeks before your wedding to send out your save the date cards and then no one can make it.

If you are planning a wedding in an exotic country or location then you want to give everybody at least 6 months’ notice so that they can book their flights, house sitters and ensure they can get enough time off work.

Even if you are just planning a simple wedding you still need to plan.

When to Send Save the Date Cards? When You Are Ready

Working out when to send save the dates can seem tricky but not if you follow sensible advice.

Be sure to book everything in advance and in plenty of time including the venue, the photographers, the florists and those in charge of the food. Then when you have all of these things arranged, send out save the date cards with at least a few months to go.

Remember if you are arranging a big wedding abroad you need to leave even more time for people to book their flights and visas.

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