You’re Invited to Explore Ways to Save on Creative Wedding Invitations

by Susan Paige
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With an average cost of $35,000, weddings are expensive. Saving money with creative wedding invitations is a great way to reduce costs while still keeping your day special and beautiful.

It’s easy to lose track of your budget while designing your perfect invitation. There are so many options from types of paper to the engraving that, what started as a simple wedding invite, turns into a major expense very fast.

Keep reading to learn how to control that expense while still keeping it special.

Affordable Creative Wedding Invitations

Wedding invites are important. They are the first thing that people will see when it comes to your big day.

This doesn’t mean that they need to break the bank though. With a little bit of creativity, you can create an invitation that will wow your friends and loved ones and still leaves money left over for the honeymoon.

1. DIY

Making invitations is easier than ever. With affordable software and printers, you can purchase high-quality stationery that can look like it came from a professional shop. There are also kits you can purchase that come with everything you need.

2. Keep It Simple

It’s understandable that you want to go big with your invitations or save the dates.

A key thing to remember is that if you make your invites too busy then you’re only making them look messy while also spending way too much money. Keep your choices simple but elegant to create a lovely invite.

3. Planning Ahead

Invites should go out roughly 4 months before your wedding. You should start planning the invites very early on in the process. This gives you time to keep an eye out for good deals and make all the right choices.

A big mistake that some people make is only ordering the exact amount of invites they think they need. Always order more than needed just in case some of them are faulty.

4. Combining Households

If you’re inviting your uncle, aunt, and cousins and they all live in the same house, don’t worry about sending them all individual invitations. One invitation sent to the house with all of their names saves you a lot of money and nobody expects to receive their own when they share a house with family.

5. Ditch the Envelope

It’s amazing how expensive just the envelopes can be. After you spend the money on fancy stationery and ink, you still have to put that into something. Postcards are excellent options that let you customize your invites with your own picture and save a ton in the process.

6. Online Invites

With the digital age evolving, the idea of online invitations is becoming more accepted. If you’re planning a smaller informal wedding or have such a large attendance that your invitation budget has exploded, consider sending online invites. This saves you money and creates an easy list of confirmed attendees.

Wonderful Wedding

If you’re worried about how fancy your invitations are, think about how much you’ve considered wedding invites once you’ve attended the actual wedding. Creative wedding invitations don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

If these tips have helped you, check out some more of our articles about ways to save money while still throwing a fantastic event.

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