Top 5 Small Wedding Venues in Arizona

by Tamila McDonald
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small wedding venues in Arizona

Small wedding venues in Arizona have a lot to offer couples. They can make an intimate affair opulent while ensuring everything remains affordable. For couples with a tight budget. That alone is a win. However, many small wedding venues can also simplify planning. They may have all-inclusive packages or might give couples access to wedding planning assistance. Which ensures they can have their perfect day. If you are looking for amazing small wedding venues in Arizona. Here are some of the best options available.

1. Wrigley Mansion – Phoenix

Wrigley Mansion offers stunning mountain and city views. The views create an outstanding backdrop for your special day. In total, this historic property has 15 separate spaces available. The spaces give you the ability to choose the ideal location for your ceremony, reception, and more. You also have the option of renting the entire mansion. This option gives you a range of rooms that you can use as you see fit.

Additionally, the in-house chef can provide a mouth-watering meal that is customized to fit your tastes. This can significantly simplify planning. Ensuring one of the biggest parts of your reception is handled skillfully and onsite.

If you want a smaller event. Wrigley Mansion can help you craft an amazing intimate affair for 10. However, it has the ability to scale-up quickly. It can support up to 300.

2. Red Agave Resort – Sedona

At Red Agave Resort, you don’t just get a stunning small wedding venue. You can also book accommodations. This can be ideal for couples who aren’t from Sedona or who have out-of-town guests in attendance. This option allows everyone to stay overnight at the property.

There are numerous outdoor spaces. Each of which allows you to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the Sedona area. You can admire the spectacular red rock formations and even use them as backdrops for your wedding photography.

There are also refined indoor spaces if you prefer to move your reception inside. The rooms are spacious enough for an active celebration. And without being larger than a small wedding would need.

As a bonus, the Red Agave Resort staff can assist with your planning. They can help you connect with local wedding vendors, ensuring you get exactly what you need for your ideal wedding day.

3. Boulders Resort & Spa – Scottsdale

If you’re looking for a unique natural backdrop for your wedding, consider Boulders Resort & Spa. The property features a desert landscape not seen in many other areas, including massive boulders and outdoor areas with saguaro cacti.

The available amenities also help this small wedding venue stand out. Villas are available to rent that can sleep up to eight, making it ideal if you have out-of-town guests or want a space to prepare for the ceremony. There is an onsite full-service salon, which can make getting ready for your big day easier, along with a spa.

You do have the option of holding your reception indoors. The Sonoran Ballroom can support up to 100 guests and offers a view of the nearby Duck Pond from the patio. Couple that with a small ceremony at the Organic Garden, and you may have an ideal day.

4. Hacienda Del Sol – Tucson

At Hacienda Del Sol, you have choices available that allow you to shape your ideal wedding day. While the entire property offers magnificent views of the surrounding Sonoran Desert landscape, there are several venues on the property.

Casa Feliz has three separate spaces, giving you the ability to hold your wedding and reception in the same building. It’s covered in expansive windows, ensuring the natural surroundings are always a part of the experience.

If you prefer an outdoor wedding, the Inner Courtyard may be a better fit. It offers a central fountain, botanical gardens, and glowing fireplaces, all with enough room for a ceremony and reception.

Regardless of the option you choose, couples have access to a helpful staff that can simplify planning. Additionally, Hacienda Del Sol can craft a custom menu, ensuring your meals and hors d’oeuvres are precisely what you envisioned.

5. Forest Highlands Golf Club – Flagstaff

While the Forest Highlands Golf Club can host large events, it’s also a great option for smaller weddings. The surrounding forest creates a magnificent backdrop for any ceremony, allowing you to enjoy the trees along with the expansive open space of the Meadow Event Lawn.

The indoor reception area in the Canyon Clubhouse gives you enough room for a sit-down meal and dancing. Plus, this small wedding venue can handle the catering, ensuring you get a customized meal created by culinary experts.

Throughout the property are breathtaking spots for wedding photographs. You can capture everything that’s special about your big day with ease, ensuring your memories will last a lifetime.

Do you know of any other small wedding venues in Arizona couples shouldn’t overlook? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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