Identifying the Common Errors of Beginners

by Susan Paige
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At the beginning level, it’s a very common thing to make mistakes. But, the problem arises as the newcomers start making mistakes repeatedly. This happens because they can’t point out their errors. As a newbie, you need to identify your errors so that you can learn from them. To improve the performance, you have to reduce the number of mistakes. Because, if you can’t reduce the number, you will not stop you from facing loss. 

In this article, we will point out some mistakes which are done by beginners. So, read this carefully if you want to become a pro trader. 

Using no plan

If you do not use any plan, you will start to take aggressive steps. After that, you will lose your capital and can’t be in the field. Bear in mind, without a proper plan, you can’t do your actions properly. The expert also advised beginners to use a strong plan for ensuring success. But, many newcomers do not use the strategy and lose huge money. They think they can instantly take the action to solve the problems. Stop thinking, trading is a game what children play. If you want to get money from trading, treat it like a serious job. 

Borrowing high leverage

Forex market allows the traders to trade with low capital. For this reason, many traders with low capital start trading and take leverage to trade more. Leverage allows the trader to make large profits but it’s a debt. So, taking high leverage can be harmful to you. By borrowing leverage, traders maximize their risk. So, if they face loss by taking high leverage, the situation will become worst. We are not saying, you should not take leverage. But, before taking this, you need to look at your capital. 

Being a trader, try to take the leverage according to the capital which will help you to save your account. And always make sure you chose premium brokers like Saxo capital markets pte. By choosing a great broker, you will also ensure the safety for your trading capital. And most importantly, professional brokers will never let you trade with insane leverage.

Avoiding money management

Without money management skills, you might not trade like a professional. If you want to stay in the market for a long time, try to invest your money wisely. Professionals always focus on increasing their income instead of cost. For this, they also cut their unnecessary expenses. They try to choose the broker which takes low payments. So, you also need to follow them to become the master of trading. Remember, if your savings is higher than your expenses, you will become a millionaire in Forex. Otherwise, you will not be a part of Forex trading business for a long time. 

Turning the small loss into big

Sometimes, newcomers start revenge trading and increase their loss. In Forex, no one can trade without facing loss as its part of Forex trading. But, newcomers can take this lightly and act aggressively. For this reason, they are trading continuously after facing several losses. As a consequence, they face more loss and leave the market. To recover from the loss, you need to take action. But, you should wait for the right time. If you start taking action immediately, you will not get the expected outcomes. 

Ignoring practice

Many newbies do not use the demo account and start real trading. They think their theoretical knowledge is enough for taking the right steps in the market. But, as a trader, you need to learn how to use your theoretical knowledge practically. For this, the demo account is the right platform for the newcomers. If they practice by using this account, they might reduce their mistakes in the time of live trading. 

Besides these, newcomers also make several mistakes. But, these are the major errors of them. However, if they take the right actions, they can easily avoid making mistakes and give a good performance. 

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