5 Inexpensive Home Renovation Ideas for Newlyweds

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Being a newlywed can be an exciting time. You get to start a life with the person you love. However, starting a new life with someone requires one to be smart and financially responsible with their investments. One of the largest investments you will make as a newlywed couple is a home. When you invest in a home, it will require you to put some money into it. Whether the money goes for renovations, repairs, or something else depends on several different factors. Repairs are important, but so are renovations. Repairs ensure your home is functional, and renovations make a house feel like your home. Certain renovations can add value to a home as well.

What Renovations Can I Make that Won’t Break the Bank?

Newlyweds don’t typically have thousands of dollars at their disposal for home renovations. 90% of all newlyweds marry under the age of 50. Not many people under 50 have the funds to spend lots of money on things like home upgrades. When it comes to upgrading your home, it may seem like everything is expensive. However, there are many ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank.

In 2018, most homeowners spent between $5,000 and $10,000 improving their homes. You and your partner do not have to follow in these homeowners’ footsteps with the following inexpensive home upgrades.

Paint the Floor

Old floors tend to make homes look old and unkempt. New flooring can instantly brighten up a space, and make it more appealing to look at and walk on. A smart and inexpensive way to fix old flooring is to paint it. Painting a floor will cost you much less than it would have it redone. Paint is inexpensive. Depending on the size of the room, you may only need one or two buckets of paint.

Paint the Cabinets

Old cabinets can bring down the appeal of a kitchen. Getting new cabinets installed can cost you thousands. However, painting your kitchen cabinets to give them a makeover or simply make them look new, will liven up your kitchen space and make it look more up to date. Painting your cabinets is inexpensive because it will only cost you the price of the paint.

Install a Water Filter

Many individuals opt for bottled water when it comes to their drinking water. This can be expensive. Bottled water has become very popular due to concerns about the quality of the water. A great way to counteract this issue is by installing a water filter in your kitchen sink. This will also cut down on plastic waste and filter out any impurities you may have been lurking in your tap water. Filter brands such as Birta, are well known and are wildly available. You can easily install one of these filters for under $30.

Spruce Up Your Stairs

The stares in most homes are plain. Stairs can be more than functional pieces of architecture. Consider sprucing up the stairs with paint, architectural detail, or runners. All of these additives can cost you under $100 to complete. Additional design, texture, or color on your stairs adds style to your stairs, will style, and more personal details to your home.

Smart Light Technology

Add smart light technology to your home. Smart lights are wife-connected lights that can change color with a control center from your cell phone. Being able to change the color, dimness, and brightness of your lights can make a space more relaxing, lovely, or fun at any time. These lights are inexpensive and available at many department stores.

These inexpensive home improvements are bound to make any homeowner feel more comfortable in their home and enthused about their surroundings. Did you know that 41% of people who thought they wouldn’t regret their purchase actually did? It has also been discovered that 30% of neutral buyers ended up regretting their purchases as well. If you fall within this percentage, perhaps you can try some of these inexpensive renovations to help make you fall in love with your purchase once again.

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