4 Things to Know About Running a Side Hustle With Your Spouse

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Personal success and professional success are guarded by very similar principles. This means that if you want to run a successful business in terms of growth or operations and finance, you need to put some guidelines in place to make sure that everything works as it should. If you’d like to run a side hustle with your spouse, you need to keep some things in mind to avoid any tension that may come up and potentially lead to issues down the road. Keep reading for four tips you can use when running a side hustle with your spouse.

1. You Should Both Be Commited

If you want to succeed in your venture, it’s crucial for you to stay committed to the business. Check in with your spouse on a regular basis to find out if they’re still passionate and giving their all to the business. This is where good communication will help you a lot. There should be a safe space in your home to talk and discuss sensitive matters with no fear of judgment or criticism. Find out if your partner is still committed and playing their part in building the business. If not, check to see if there’s any way you can help them get motivated and keep the fire burning for both of you.

2. Boundaries Are Crucial

When running a business with your spouse, you also need to ensure that boundaries have been set and each of you respects them. Don’t try to micromanage your partner, but instead, allow them room to do their job. Give each other a listening ear and note that it’s good to listen to your partner’s suggestions even if it’s your area of responsibility. In this case, they should respect that you have the final say, and the opposite is also true. One of you may have more experience in technology or website development,  so delegating the responsibility to this spouse is a great way to utilize their skills. With about 900,000 domains getting registered each week, websites are a crucial part of the modern enterprise and so you should handle yours with care.

3. Make Sure Your Roles Are Defined

In order to enjoy business growth and success, you need to define each other’s roles in the business. This can be done by making sure to assign roles based on each other’s strengths. With a shared vision, it will be easier for you to work independently with an aim of succeeding as a whole. Note that overlap may happen, but it’s important to maintain clear boundaries in order to avoid stepping on each other’s toes. This will help you do your best for the business independently. The gaming industry is the second most targeted for Layer 7 DDoS attacks. However, all other businesses that operate online run the risk of a cyber attack or breach. It’s important for the person responsible for your online security to take preventative measures, such as installing high-security software.

4. You Need Team Meetings

As much as you’re living in the same house and working on your business together, you may not be sparing time to hold team meetings for the business. Weekly team meetings should help you define what needs to be focused on for the rest of the week. Pick a comfortable room in the house for these meetings to make sure that you’re both focused and relaxed throughout. Almost 90% of homes used some kind of air conditioning during the pandemic in 2020. If you’re part of this 90%, try adjusting the air conditioner to a temperature that’s comfortable for you. This can help you relax when you’re having difficult meetings with your spouse and business partner.

Keep these things in mind so that you have an easier time running a business alongside your spouse. It should be easy to do once you learn the basics. Stay intentional about your actions and make sure that business matters don’t flow into other aspects of your relationship.

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