What Should You Ask For In a Prenup

by Tamila McDonald
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what should a woman ask for in a prenup


Figuring out the details of a prenuptial agreement isn’t always easy, but it’s essential. Without making the right requests, you could find yourself in a bind if you end up getting a divorce. If you’re wondering, “What a woman should ask for in a prenup?” here are some points to consider.

Premarital Assets

First and foremost, it’s crucial to include any premarital assets you’re bringing into the relationship in a prenup. This allows you to maintain long-term ownership of property, accounts, and similar assets that were yours before the wedding if the marriage dissolves.

In most cases, you’ll need to outline the exact assets you want to protect when setting this up. Additionally, your partner will typically be able to do the same, so keep that in mind.

Alimony or Spousal Support

If you’re entering into a financially unbalanced marriage and your partner is the higher earner, putting alimony or spousal support into the prenup could be wise. It allows you to ensure you can maintain a reasonable lifestyle if a divorce occurs. This is especially true if taking time away from your career is likely to occur during the marriage, such as to raise children or support your partner’s career, essentially ensuring you are compensated for the sacrifice.

Gifts from Your Partner

During a marriage, it’s common to receive gifts from your partner. Adding a clause in a prenup that establishes that any gifts are formally your property and will remain yours if there’s a divorce can be wise. This is particularly critical if the gifts may be high-value items, like jewelry or vehicles.

By adding this clause, it also ensures the value of any gifts isn’t factored in when calculating an equitable distribution in most cases. Just make sure that the same courtesy is extended to your partner, as most would consider that fair.

Infidelity Clauses

If you live in a no-fault state, adding an infidelity clause to the prenup offers you more protection if the marriage ends due to an affair or cheating. It essentially gives you compensation for the infidelity.

Just keep in mind that most infidelity clauses end up reciprocal. As a result, you could face a stiff financial penalty if you have an affair or cheat.

Can you think of anything a woman should ask for in a prenup? Do you believe any of the points above are unnecessary to cover? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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