5 Tips for Moving in With Your Fiance

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Getting engaged is exciting for any couple. Taking the step to move in with your fiance involves a lot of planning, especially when it comes to budgeting. Read on for some valuable tips about making a smooth transition to sharing your space with your future spouse.

1. Decide on Housing

One of the biggest challenges of moving in with your fiance is deciding where you’ll live. Will it be easier to move into one person’s home? That may depend on how many items the other person has and how much space there is in the existing home. If you decide to buy a home together, be realistic about how much you can afford and how much space is needed. According to Roofers Guild, the typical roof in the United States is 1,600 square feet and requires regular inspections. If you don’t want to deal with all the upkeep of a single-family home, you and your fiance may prefer to live in a condo or apartment.

2. Clean and Organize

Start by going through all your belongings and decide what you can give away or sell. Decide how to make your new space comfortable for both of you by organizing and professional cleaning. You can paint the walls, steam clean the carpets, and revamp the outdoor area. According to Angi, you should give your house a pressure wash every few months or annually. If budgeting allows, install some walk-in closets to avoid clutter in your bedrooms.

3. Review Finances

Money can stress couples and is a leading cause of divorce in America. That’s why you should sit down with your fiance and conduct an honest assessment of your finances. Discuss lingering debts and how to get things paid off. If you’re currently renting but want to buy a home, create a realistic plan for home ownership, such as saving for a down payment and researching neighborhoods.

4. Discuss Pets and Kids

Do you share an existing pet? Are you both on the same page about adopting more kittens or an older dog? Make sure you’re on the same page about children. Do you both plan to raise a family or remain child-free? If children are in the future, discuss how many you would like to have. If you want to raise a family sooner rather than later, incorporate that into your housing plans now. Start budgeting for or installing updates for a growing family. For example, install a fence to protect your pets and future kids. According to Home Advisor, a wooden fence will last about 20 years. Start clearing your backyard to make way for a swing set. Check out neighborhoods that have the best school districts.

5. Talk About Visitors and Family

If you’ve never previously cohabitated with each other, the issue of visitors may become a sore spot if you don’t discuss it early. For example, are you on the same page about having overnight guests? How long should family members stay, especially during the holidays? Do you have space to accommodate them? Is there a plan to care for aging parents, such as a home addition that includes a mother-in-law suite? If you both prefer a set amount of time for guests to stay over or are comfortable always making your home open to them, be clear about that.

Getting married is a major life-changing experience you and your fiance should enjoy. As you begin your lives together, your housing will play a big role in your comfort and security. So don’t hesitate to ask each other as many questions as possible and sit down and discuss the things mentioned in this guide. Plan according so you can be the happiest newlyweds around.

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