How to Make Your Office Cubicle Feel More Fun

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If you work in an office with a cubicle, you’ll stare at that cubicle for much of your day. You can get many great ideas online for easy changes to make your desk space your own. According to Finances Online, searches for local businesses comprise almost half of the two trillion Google searches made yearly. Here are some ideas that can help you transform your cubicle into a space that expresses your true self:

Start With the Walls

A cubicle is a small space, so even small changes can immediately transform it with a noticeable impact. Your changes can start by covering the walls of your office space with fabric or contact paper. If you prefer a more subtle change, line the borders of each partition with wash tape or colorful ribbon. If you want to use a theme color, you can utilize pushpins or thumbtacks in that same color.

Change Your Perspective

On many office desks, the computers are lower than eye level, which requires you to bend your neck to read the screen. To prevent the neck strain that prolonged bending would cause, get a computer stand to raise the computer’s height. To further help you sit more comfortably, use a small pillow for your back or a customized ergonomic chair. To complete your comfortable sitting position, you can use a small footrest, if necessary.

Print Information Conveniently

Most workers have important lists or memos they want to hang on the walls of their cubicles. Many also wish they could have access to their printers to print those lists – or their many handouts or memos as they prepare them. Statistics show that 90% of companies don’t know how many printers their offices have. If that’s the case in your office, perhaps you can arrange for your desk to have closer access to a printer.

Keep Things Comfortable

Depending on the temperature in your office, you may want to bring in a small space heater for your office space. According to Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, a space heater will instantly provide heat for small spaces. If you decide to bring one, check the appliance’s capacity. After all, a standard space heater can heat 130 to 150-foot rooms, like a bedroom or a small living room.

Provide a Distraction

Sometimes, your work can seem overwhelming, and you’ll find yourself stuck on a project. When this happens, a momentary distraction may prove the best way to reroute your day and launch you back into your work. Some workers enjoy using a letter board: a miniature blackboard with magnetic letters where you can post inspirational sayings. If you want a more challenging distraction, try a product that uses words instead of letters; create poetry or express your feelings with the words.

Utilize Bargain Accessories

Decorating your office pod doesn’t have to strain your budget. You can find colorful desk organizers, blotters, mouse pads, and pens at the local Dollar Store. Small items like paper clips, post-it notes, and other office accessories can also be found at a discount store.

Bring Your Family to Work

It’s natural for you to think of your family while you’re at work. To allow your loved ones to inspire you, bring pictures of them to hang or post in your cubicle. If you have enough pictures, use a photo cube to turn it to display a different photo each day. If your children are creative, you could bring their artistic creations into the office to show them off.

When you transform your cubicle, you’ll find adjustments that will make it a more excellent place to work. Use one of the ideas above, or use your imagination to create one of your own. Even a tiny change, like a new mug, can help make your workday more pleasant. When you let your imagination take over your station, your workday will become more enjoyable.

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