Monthly Archive: October 2010

Oct 29 2010

Know your Fico Score


There’s a guy in town who can dominate your life…and his name is FICO. I’m sure most of you know, but your Fico score is basically a number that companies, creditors, etc use to calculate whether you’re a good applicant or a bad risk. Fico scores range from 350 to 850. Anything above 700 is …

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Oct 28 2010

Separate or combined checking accounts?

When it comes to finances, there are three typical options newlyweds can choose: Joint Checking: Everything is shared, including credit cards. Both paychecks are deposited into one account and everything is paid and deducted from that one account. Separate Checking: Each individual keeps their own account, and they divvy up the bills or pay their …

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Oct 27 2010

Losing sight of the goal


Something happened this month with our finances which I’ve noticed has become a reoccurring theme. At the beginning of the month, when I planned out our budget, I underestimated Eric’s take-home pay because we still didn’t know what his salary would be. When he finally did get a full paycheck, we were pleasantly surprised thrilled …

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Oct 25 2010

Husband-Wife Time

applepicking 003

In case you’re a new reader or just haven’t been paying attention (tsk, tsk), one of my most favorite things to complain about is Eric’s work schedule. I’m trying to get better, I promise, but he’s had to work every single Saturday for the past two months, giving us hardly any time to do anything …

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Oct 21 2010

How to find a job

Since I graduated college four years ago, I’ve held four full-time “put on my resume” kind of jobs. I’ve also been a babysitter, a dog sitter, a Bank of America teller (for two days), a shoe and flip-flop saleswoman, and a 24 Hour fitness front desk receptionist. But who’s counting, right? The point is–I know …

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Oct 20 2010

Blog Giveaways


I used to hate blog giveaways and thought they were a stupid waste of a blog post. My rationale was that I had entered a few and had never won anything so obviously they didn’t work. But then, my bloggy friend, Cammy Confessions, hosted one and I won! And I was hooked. I entered every …

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