Monthly Archive: February 2011

Feb 25 2011

How to save more money


One thing I’ve realized when it comes to saving money is that you have to put it into your budget. You can’t just say “well, I’ll see what we have left over at the end of the money and then put any extra money into our savings account.” It simply doesn’t work that way. If …

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Feb 20 2011

We’re not poor (just incredibly smart about how we spend our money)

I had an “aha” moment last week. (I’m an Oprah fan, cut me some slack). Eric and I are not poor. AHA! I had been thinking about our expenses lately and how our credit card is over my “comfortable” limit and I thought to myself–we could take the money out of savings and pay off …

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Feb 15 2011

I’m the kind of girl who puts up a fight for $8

There was a slew of changes with my phone plan in December. I ended up switching phones about 3 times. Some had internet connection, some didn’t. In the end, when my bill came in late January, I noticed there was an additional $8 charge for internet that shouldn’t have been charged. It never once occurred …

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Feb 13 2011

Worst Valentine’s Day Ever

Picnik collage2

This Valentine’s Day, I will be alone. ALONE. My first V-day as a married girl, and I will be ALOONNNE. It’s really not all that bad, I just like to be dramatic. Eric has to work a full 24-hour shift from 7 a.m. Feb. 14 to 7 a.m. Feb. 15. But I didn’t want to …

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Feb 08 2011

When you’re embarassed to be poor

I’m going to say it—I’m embarrassed of where we live. We live in a guesthouse…a loft…a shack  in someone’s backyard. And it would be one thing if the owners kept the main house (main house? What are we, slaves?) neat and tidy and decent, but they don’t. It’s practically decrepit. And there’s like 10 of …

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Feb 07 2011

Winner: Best Bra in the World Giveaway!


The winner of my best bra in the world giveaway is… Red! From Girl with the Red Balloon! If you haven’t checked out her blog, take a peek! It’s one of my fave personal finance blogs! Congrats, Red!

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