Monthly Archive: June 2011

Jun 30 2011

Vacation is chicken soup for the soul


Eric and I had planned to go to Catalina last weekend (a small working-class version of Martha’s Vineyard type of island off the California Coast), for a 2-day, one-night trip and as luck would have it, four of our friends were also going the same night we were! We also found out last week that …

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Jun 22 2011

Why I like celebrities


Here’s something I haven’t mentioned on this lil tiny blog of mine. Perhaps because I’m scared of being judged and you will all run away muttering to yourselves “but I thought she was sooo smart and to find out she’s really just vapid…what a shame…” Because you guys all think I’m smart, huh? Have I …

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Jun 20 2011

How to make money blogging

Let’s be honest. None of us average folk really start a blog thinking we’re going to become millionaires off of it…but it’s always nice to earn some extra cash doing what you already do anyway. And as a “sorta, not really, but kinda” personal finance blogger, making extra cash to buy clothes and go out …

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Jun 19 2011

Things My Husband Does


Decided to switch things up around here… Today’s submission comes from Susan over at Domesticating as we Speak Susan writes: “Ok, so I know all of your pictures so far have been things that drive us nuts about our husband. While my husband does do all of the above…he still acts sweet sometimes too. The …

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Jun 15 2011

Paying off debt

Approximately 2.6 seconds ago, I finished calculating our total debt and it was not pretty. For the first whole year of our marriage, I was focused on paying off credit card debt. I was angry with Eric for bringing it into our marriage and it was something I constantly held over his head. My “free” …

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Jun 13 2011

The Bacon Fat War

erics mugs

This post is about bacon fat. And how it started a war. Between me and my husband. You’ve been warned. Eric has this disgusting habit of putting bacon fat into coffee mugs. But I should preface this statement by saying that he doesn’t put the bacon fat into just any mug. Oh no, he always …

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