Monthly Archive: September 2011

Sep 29 2011

Why I don’t live in the 1950′s


Eric (half-joking): “Why aren’t you doing this? You know, if this were the 1950′s, you’d be doing this for me.” Me: “If this were the 1950′s, I wouldn’t be working and you would be supporting me, instead of the other way around, mister.” Yeah, that shut him up. And the winner of my blog birthday …

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Sep 28 2011

Don’t judge me…


…because I clip coupons. The other day, some co-workers of mine were having a conversation about a former employee who would always take coupons to restaurants. The tone of the conversation was one of mockery almost. And in my mind, I was thinking “what’s so wrong with wanting to save a little money?” But there …

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Sep 26 2011

Vacation Budgeting 101

I completely expected to get reamed for stating I was going on vacation, when the week prior I had just mentioned that we’re barely sticking to our budget. The truth being–I refuse to dive into our savings account, because I know if we buckle down, we can stick to our strict budget and afford to …

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Sep 22 2011

How to afford a vacation on a budget

single income

I made it happen. One of my goals this year was to finally go on a real honeymoon with Eric. It honestly didn’t look like it was going to happen, but I was determined. And I made it happen. I know what you’re all thinking. How the heck can you afford a vacation when you’re …

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Sep 19 2011

How to prepare to be a one-income family

Eric and I had almost a year to prepare to be a one-income family. We know everyone’s situation is different; some people may not have a choice as to becoming a one-income family, others may have to be a one-income family for several years, as opposed to only five months like us. However, these are …

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Sep 15 2011

Spending Envy


It’s been more than a month since Eric quit his job to go to school full-time for the firefighter academy and we’ve been living off my income. A year ago, when this situation first become a possibility, I stood firm and said “No way. How the heck are we going to live off of just …

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