Mar 16 2013

Rambling about life

  • Grad school has started. The first few days, I was all “This is so easy!” A week later, I’m all “uh, what?” I have to re-read my reading assignments like three times in order to understand what the heck it’s talking about. If I disappear for weeks at a time, you now know why.
  • Housing prices are going up again (at least in our area). Eric and I are wondering whether we’ll be priced out if we don’t take action soon–which I think is the completely wrong reason for buying a home. Plus, what if it’s just another bubble? We still have to save for a down payment so it’s not like this is a real possibility right now, but we have conversations. And even the conversations freak me out because huge financial decisions cause me stress.
  • Of course, buying a home will be a much more real possibility when Eric lands his firefighter job. There have been things that I haven’t talked about in the blog because of the whole counting your chickens before they hatch thing, but I still fully believe that 2013 will be the year.
  • Speaking of work, there are currently eight positions open where Eric works, which has resulted in Eric getting held at work and staying there for four days straight, getting to come home for one day, and then going back for another four-day shift. After about a month of this, he finally came down with something and now I’ve had him home for a whole week! It’s been nice and I’ve enjoyed not being alone anymore.
  • Our finances are doing their thing. We’re doing well. We have yet to file our taxes but I’m hoping this will be taken care of within the next few weeks.
  • Now that our finances are on autopilot, I find that I don’t have much to blog about. We’re not as broke anymore–but still paying down debt and saving money.
  • Need financial advice? Email me at newlyweds on a budget at gmail and I’ll give you my totally non-professional but very-experienced opinion. This could be fun.
  • Gratuitous photo shot: If I’m not eating, sleeping, working or studying, you’ll find me playing Scramble. I’m addicted. Play me: username–> Bentley4eva

scramble addict


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  2. Megan

    ooh! Email me about the job stuff! We’ve got some apps going too. It’s all about the hurry up and wait though, right?

  3. The Norwegian Girl

    Good luck in Grad School! Hopefully it`ll get easier by time! I`ve never heard about Scramble, but it looks like a fun game to play on my Ipad! Have to check that out!

  4. Michelle's Finance Journal

    My husband is doing MBA right now and he’s always studying and tired from it. But he loves it~ Good luck and finish strong!!

  5. JW_Umbrella Treasury

    Good luck with your grad school classes.

    On the housing front, I’ve also seen home prices start to creep up in our area. I know it’s good for the housing market, but I too worry about being priced out of the market. It’s frustrating to see “starter homes” that need a lot of work selling for so much.

  6. Budget and the Beach

    Oooh what’s scramble? I might have to take you up on that when things calm down a bit around here. I always love when classes first start and everything is easy but exciting…cut to a couple weeks later…:)

  7. Cassi

    Good luck with Grad school! Hopefully he receives a firefighting job, because his current job sounds horrible and exhausting. No wonder he was sick!

  8. Kristin

    In your case, not having a lot to blog about may be a good thing :) But I enjoy your very experienced opinions because finance is one area that I’m actually pretty terrible at.

  9. SavvyFinancialLatina

    I see house prices going up in our area too. I hope they stay low within the next year! We are going to buy a house for us probably at the end of 2013. So excited!!!

    I feel the same way about grad school. I’m taking my last MBA class and I am so behind!!!

  10. jobo

    Oh I hear you on the house buying process/saving/expenses thing! like whoa! It’s crazy how much you truly do need to save to buy a house, not to mention furnish it, cost of moving etc. It’ll be worth it when you guys do it (if you do), but I seriously thought of you as we were saving, thinking about budgeting and stuff…since you are the queen of it ;-) Hope we can meet up in late April when we are out there!!

  11. Michelle

    This is how we’re feeling about housing prices also! I hope they stay low!

  12. Teacher Girl

    I hope grad school gets easier! I think it is just hard at first because you aren’t used to it. I know the transition was hard for me when I went back. Hang in there!

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