About Us

Updated July 2014

Hi! Our names are Eric and Erika. (yup, those are our real names!) and we live in southern California with our Wheaten Terrier, Bentley. This is our newlywed blog on frugal living and living a BIG life on a small budget.

What We Do

I work in Public Affairs for a utility company and Eric was recently hired as a firefighter. Since August 2010, Eric had been working to get hired as a full-time firefighter. In southern California, these are highly coveted positions, so we were thrilled that after three years of hard work and plenty of struggles along the way, our wish finally came true in December 2013.

Our Debt Story

Eric and I started our marriage with lots of debt. This blog has chronicled our journey in paying off our debt and we are happy to report that thanks to lots of sacrifices and working extra jobs, we paid off $45,000 of debt in 45 months!


In 2014, our goal is to SAVE and Have FUN.

We have committed to saving $30,000 this next year so that we can save for a down payment.

Our motto is work hard, player harder.

We pay for extra stuff and wants, like traveling and iPhones, by utilizing our side hustle income, money that we make in addition to our regular incomes. We also upgraded our love shack and now rent a two bedroom townhome.

Our quality of life has improved so much and we couldn’t be happier. We love meeting new people, so if you live close by or are ever in the area, let us know! Feel free to drop us a line at newlywedsonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com