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Hi! Our names are Eric and Erika. (yup, those are our real names!) and we live in southern California with our Wheaten Terrier, Bentley.

This is our newlywed blog on frugal living and living a BIG life on a small budget.

What We Do

I work in Public Affairs for a utility company and Eric was recently hired as a firefighter.

Since August 2010, Eric has been working to get hired as a full-time firefighter. In southern California, these are highly coveted positions, so we were thrilled that after three years of hard work and plenty of struggles along the way, our wish finally came true in December 2013.

The Debt

Because we got married after just three months of dating, we didn’t take into account our financial situation until after we were married (not recommended!). This is the debt we had when we got married:

  • $26,500 in student loans
  • $13,500 in car loans
  • $5,500 in credit card debt

For a total of $45,500 in debt. We were some broke-ass newlyweds.

The Setbacks

We vowed that we would do everything to get ourselves out of debt. We have managed to pay off all our original debt despite these hurdles:

The Sacrifices

In order to work on paying down debt, we:

Thanks to these sacrifices and extra jobs, we have paid off $45,500 in 45 months!

Currently, we have $8250 left in student loans that we accumulated in the past year for my husband’s school. It is 0% interest, so we have the money sitting in the bank, but choose to accrue the interest on the money until it is due.


In 2014, our goal is to SAVE and Have FUN.

We have committed to saving $30,000 this next year–let’s see if we can do it!

Our motto is work hard, player harder.

While we definitely work hard to pay off debt, we also like to live life and enjoy the few years we have together before we start popping out the babies! We pay for extra stuff and wants, like traveling and Iphones, by utilizing our side hustle income, money that we make in addition to our regular incomes.

We also upgraded our love shack and now rent a two bedroom townhome. Our quality of life has improved so much and we couldn’t be happier.

We love meeting new people, so if you live close by or are ever in the area, let us know! Feel free to drop us a line at newlywedsonabudget (at) gmail (dot) com

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Feel free to email us at newlywedsonabudget at gmail. For blog advertising, please email us at newlywedsadvertise at gmail.

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  1. Nurse Frugal

    Hi there! I wanted to get to know the people who are going to have lunch on Saturday before I met everybody! Your blog is so awesome!!! My husband is a firefighter, and I think you guys are rockstars for paying off that debt!!! It’s definitely not an easy task!!! Can’t wait to hear about your shack to castle story!! Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Kevin @ Growing Family Benefits

    You are lucky to live and work in California, the state with the best state entitlements for maternity situations. Make sure you take advantage of SDI and Paid Family Leave payments. The extra money will help!

    Also, file a claim for Eric’s health event if you haven’t already.

  3. Kyle'sDad


    Sometimes it no so much that you want the other person involved in and knowlegeable about the finances…………it’s more that you want some acknowledgement and appreciation for caring about and doing all the financial crap……..

  4. Tim @ Faith and Finance

    Hey Erika – great looking blog you have here! Glad to connect and I’m looking forward to exploring your articles more. All the best to you and Eric as you work through your finances and share your progress with us!

  5. Financial Samurai

    Wonderful to read your bio! Congrats on the marriage!


  6. ideas for niche products

    Wonderful read! I have a single suggestion for your webpage. It appears like there are some cascading stylesheet troubles when launching some pages in google chrome and firefox. It is working good in internet explorer. Perhaps you could double check that. I have just bookmarked this document on delicious.com to acquire some more visitors to your site.

  7. Mysti

    Congrats on your marriage. My hubby and I only knew each other 7 weeks when we got engaged…so I totally get it. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know ya.

  8. Sarah Soon-To-Be

    My fiance and I live in OC as well – working on saving up for our July wedding, paying bills on time, and hopefully someday getting out of a rental!

    I’m looking forward to reading more (and stealing some of your tips/ideas) :)

  9. Hollie

    Great work on the new life of budgeting, it’s not easy but it will pay off in the long run! Thanks for looking at our blog FPU is a life changer!! I look forward to following you guys on your journey!

  10. TwentyFiveFifty

    Thanks for reading my blog (and leaving a comment)! Your blog is super cute and I commend you for budgeting! So hard, yet so rewarding.

  11. citygal

    Love the new blog! I’m single on a budget and definitely need some support to get my ass out of debt. Great blog idea :)

  12. IntrigueMe (Quarter For Her Thoughts)

    I’m really glad that your last blog post ended with a link to a new blog, I’m not going to lie I felt a little pang of disappointment for a second, but no longer. So happy for the new direction your life has gone on (and is continuing to go in) and I look forward to reading all about… your budget. lol


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