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Feb 17 2014

How Much Money Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?

Google has led me astray. In conversation the other day, I was under the impression that it was still common practice (as stated by those fancy “a diamond is forever” De Beers commercials) that rings should cost two months’ salary. In my opinion, two months’ salary was still a pretty penny to be spending on …

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Feb 10 2014

Do I need life insurance?

Life Insurance. It seems everyone is getting some these days. A friend of ours started selling life insurance and is now trying to convince us to purchase it. His “recommended” insurance coverage for us would have run us $600 a month, to which I said: He made the mistake of insisting that we need a …

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Nov 11 2013

Husband VS Wife: Resolving Disagreements About Money

Eric and I had a disagreement about money this weekend. We don’t usually disagree often, but when we do, you can bet that 90% of the time it’s about money. This time it was something we’ve discussed many times before: how much money Eric spends on food while at work. Working 24-hour shifts, Eric is …

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Aug 26 2013

Getting over wedding disappointment


After a three-week engagement, Eric and I had a small courthouse ceremony and a 50-guest reception in my parent’s backyard. At the time, I was fine with letting a lot of things go, because I knew we would have our “real” wedding when Eric returned from Air Force training. (Long story short: Eric never left …

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Apr 25 2013

Giving gifts when married

I think Eric and I will find ourselves in the minority when I make this next statement: We don’t do gifts. For birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day or any other gift-giving holiday except Christmas, we don’t give each other gifts. And even on Christmas, I will send him a link to what I want and all …

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Mar 06 2013

How Do You Pay for Everything?

There are days that I think Eric and I are doing pretty well financially–I wouldn’t consider ourselves well-off by any means, but we make a respectable income for a young married couple, I think. We both have stable jobs. We have no consumer debt. We pay all our bills on time. We save for retirement …

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