Can weddings abroad be affordable?

by Erika Torres
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As you set out on your wedding planning journey, I’m sure that you are asking yourself the all-important question of how to hold a wedding on a budget.  We are living in an age of austerity and it is this reason that for many of us, our wedding budgets are very, very strict. This doesn’t mean that we cannot create the perfect day, but it does mean that we may have to be a little more creative with our planning than we were before. So, can you organise your perfect wedding abroad within your budget? The simple answer is most likely to be YES and here’s why.

You could have your big day and the honeymoon all in one go.

One of the most expensive parts to getting married is that you have to pay for the wedding and then try to save enough money for a honeymoon; flights, hotels and restaurants all add up. If you choose to get married abroad you can have each of these in one go, all wrapped up in one flight booking. There are many small pieces to booking your wedding and honeymoon in this way that will save you some dollars. This could be through flights, all inclusive wedding packages or even through picking a cheaper destination than your home country.

Beautiful destinations that fit many budgets.

There are many paradise destinations out there that are simply cheaper than others, without a reduction in the separate parts that will make up your day. There are two items to consider here; firstly you could pick an affordable country, such as Cyprus or Greece, where wedding packages are widely available in many budgets. Secondly you could look at more expensive countries and find those affordable venues.

Many countries that we would consider to be expensive, such as Australia or America, can actually be really affordable. Melbourne wedding venues, as an example are so varied, that there will be something that offers the city wedding, urban landscape with the right price tag.

You may have fewer guests.

One of the major factors to consider when getting married abroad is the amount of guests that you will have with you on the day. If you were getting married in your home country you may be inviting everyone from your Facebook friends list to your work colleagues, but a wedding abroad means you will have to think carefully about your guest list. It may be that instead of the 150 guests you would have, you may only be able to take 50 of your closest family and friends. This will mean that you will spend less money on catering, seating, table settings and rooms for your guests.

Look for wedding packages that offer exactly what you need.

There are many venues that offer tailor made packages to couples who are travelling to use their space. This can be an all-inclusive package or discounts on the separate entities such as the photography. If you are looking to save some money and be frugal with your big day, then look for an inclusive package that includes the major wedding spends, including the venue, food, guest rooms and photographer. The smaller items such as tablecloths and chair covers generally come as a standard anyway, but it is worth checking on the smaller packages.

Finally, if an all-inclusive package does not offer you the personal touches that you are looking for, then speak to the venue and ask them for recommendations of local caterers and florists that are within your budget. Remember it is your day, your way.


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