Quick Fixes to Transform your Home on a Shoestring

by Erika Torres
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If you’ve purchased a fixer-upper or are thinking about selling your house in the near future, an easy way to add value to it is with some simple cosmetic upgrades. Although a full remodelling or redecoration of your house can really add up, there are a number of small fixes that can give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank. The following are a few cheap ways to give your home a makeover and potentially increase its value when on a tight budget.

Change your Wall Colours

Are your walls looking a bit bland and beige? Add pops of colour by painting accent walls or brightening up the whole room. This is a quick fix that only takes half a day and can completely revitalize your home on a budget.

Give Carpet a Deep Cleaning

If your carpets have seen better days, try restoring them to their former glory with a deep cleaning. Steam cleaning old carpets can unveil their original colouring and make them look good as new. If they’re still looking worn, try sprucing up flooring with area rugs. This helps you avoid the cost of brand new carpets.

Refresh Kitchen Features

One of the most popular areas for remodelling is the kitchen, but installing brand new cabinetry and appliances can put a serious dent in your budget. You can give the illusion of new fixtures with small additions such as a new Kohler faucet set, cabinet door handles, or lighting fixtures. Try re-facing your cabinets rather than paying for an entirely new set.

Tend the Garden

When looking for cosmetic fixes for your home, don’t just think about the inside. Curb appeal is also important, which is why exterior shots are always featured on property listings sites like homesales.com.au. Your house will make its best first impression on guests or buyers with a mowed lawn, well-tended garden, and swept stairs. Planting a few flowers next to the walkway or putting a hanging plant near the door will also instantly make your home feel more charming.

Paint Old Furniture

Have you been given hand-me-down furniture for your new house, or have you been hitting the flea markets for some cheap wooden pieces? You can give old furniture a new lease on life with a quick coat of paint. This involves very little upfront cost, as you’ll be using a small portion of paint. Be sure to sand down the furniture first for a smoother, more even look.

Invest in Art

If you don’t want to paint over a neutral wall or commit to wallpaper, consider investing in some inexpensive artwork to freshen up any room. A large, framed poster or photograph can add personality and style to any space. Even a cheap paper poster looks appealing when it’s properly framed, and can serve as an eye-catching point of interest.

These examples show that you don’t have to splash out on a full renovation to give your property an upgrade. The best quick fixes will depend on your property’s current condition and your decorating scheme, to help make your house a proper home.

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