Become a Power Couple: Five Steps to Succeeding as a Pair

by Erika Torres
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Beyonce and Jay-Z, the Beckhams, the Obamas; these famous duos prove that two minds are better than one. Power couples succeed because they shine brightest as a unit; in essence, a power couple is the complete package. However, you don’t need to appear on magazine covers or make millions to take the world by storm. If you and your significant other figure out a way to strengthen and support each other outside of the home, you could see both your income, and your love for one another, increase. Below are 5 easy steps to take in order to achieve power couple status.

  1. Build a business together: Opening a store can really put a damper on newlywed bliss. Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to start a business without having to deal with all of the frustrations associated with brick-and-mortar establishments. Websites like Shopify and Etsy allow you to create your own customized web-page, market your products on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and organize online transactions. To get started, build your Shopify website here. Once your page is up and running, post pictures in a blog or on Instagram to attract internet traffic to your brand. Many businesses have made millions by using social media sites to amass a fan base. If you and your partner split up the work between managing your website and managing your social media accounts, you could co-own an international empire in no time.
  2. Go on a couple’s retreat, for cheap!: Power couples know when it’s time to leave the world behind and enjoy some quality time together. Power couples also know how to take advantage of discounts. With websites like Timeout and Groupon, you can find amazingly cheap tickets to destinations all over the world. If traveling isn’t your thing, these websites also feature offers on spa treatments, fancy dinners, and local events. Spending a romantic night together without blowing your budget can strengthen any power couple.
  3. Get sweaty together: Exercising regularly can do amazing things for you, both physically and mentally. Going for runs together, doing yoga in your living room, or just going for an evening stroll, can all do wonders for your relationship. When couples spend too much time indoors, cabin fever can cause needless disagreements. Getting outside and breathing fresh air can remind you why you fell so hard for each other in the first place.
  4. Get to know your city for free: Whether you live in the heart of a metropolis, or a quiet country town, there are plenty of places to go as a pair. Most museums are free, and public libraries can be surprisingly fun. No matter where you live, learning about the history of your town can be an exhilarating experience. You might even meet some interesting people along the way!
  5. Set a couple’s goal: Working towards something together can be extremely beneficial for any new couple. You could decide to lose weight together, read the same book, or watch an entire T.V. series. Talking to each other and receiving positive feedback is what keeps couples together. Power couples succeed because they actively pursue similar interests. This year, promote your significant other to the position of business partner, travel buddy, and best friend.

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