Improving Your Homes Façade

by Erika Torres
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When we talk of making home improvements you automatically think of interior updates. Perhaps you want to update your kitchen cabinets to maple wood, or the countertops to granite. You may also think about finishing your basement, or updating the shower and tub in the master bathroom. However, there are quite a few improvements that can be done to improve the appeal of the façade of your home. After all, if you are trying to sell your home the first thing any potential buyer will notice is how the outside looks. If you wish to optimize your chances of selling your home then pay attention to my suggestions below.

Landscaping is very important to the façade of any home. Even if you don’t have a green thumb you can do simple landscaping like making sure your grass is freshly cut. Or perhaps you can plant some perennial flowers. These are great because you plant them once and they continue to rise every year when the weather warms up. If you truly do not want to do any of your own landscaping you can hire a contractor to the work for you. Of course this will be quite a bit more expensive but you can also benefit from having the work done professionally.

Composite fencing solutions is another easy add to the outside of any home. Composite fencing looks just like wood but without all the maintenance and upkeep that goes along with it. Essentially you pay to have this installed one time and you are good for years to come. You can even look into composite cladding and decking as well. The best part of composite is that it holds up well in areas that experience seasonal weather. I live in an area with heaving rain and snowfall each year, and speaking as a person that once had wood decking and fencing I would never go back to it. I spent a lot of money and time maintaining it each year. If you are in the market, Futurewood offer a great range of composite fencing solutions.

Remember that the return on your investment is the same as any interior improvement. If you are considering selling your home and thinking about staging it, then look into your outside options. These improvements tend to be easier, cheaper, and more effective in bringing in potential buyers. This is often considered “curb appeal”, a popular term you have no doubt heard before.


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