Top Finances to Save After Getting Married

by Erika Torres
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Once you marry your life changes forever. One particular area where your life changes is finance, and that means you have a lot more to take into account. This is due to the number of responsibilities you have changing. In this guide, you will learn about the top things you have to save for when you get married.

Your Mortgage

Your mortgage will be the biggest expense. You should see saving up the money to afford a down payment on a house a top priority. While you were single, you could live wherever you wanted, but a house represents the future of your family. It’s your little kingdom that you will reign over. Affording a mortgage will help you to put down roots and give your family a little piece of land that is yours to do whatever you want with.

A Car

The second biggest expense you will ever have to save up for is a car. If you don’t already own one, it’s time to get mobile. And if you already own one, it’s time to buy a car that benefits your family. You can either put a payment down on a car or buy one outright, depending on your salary. But when the kids start coming into the picture, that motorcycle you had in college is no longer going to cut it.

Paying Down Your Debts

Debts are like chains attached to your limbs. It’s vital that you get rid of them as soon as you possibly can. Paying down your debts will allow you to achieve financial freedom. Most people when they get married have a lot of debt. It tends to come in the form of student debt. In order to make your life easier and to start saving for the future, start paying down your debts now. Have a plan in place for how you are going to make the repayments every single month.


You never know what might happen. You could be hit by a truck tomorrow. Or there could be a flood that wipes out everything you own. It’s impossible to control everything that happens in the world. With that in mind, insurance is there for everything.

First of all, the basics of insurance are home and car coverage. Make sure you opt for full and comprehensive coverage. This will ensure everything is covered in the event of something happening that’s outside of your control.

Next you need to think about health coverage. You should have a comprehensive medical coverage program that covers any major surgeries you need and any checkups you may need to undergo with a doctor. Make sure you have at least partial or preferably full dental insurance, as well. If you need a major procedure, such as a crown or bridge, you won’t be left out of pocket if you have coverage.

A Savings Fund

Finally, begin building up a little nest egg. You could lose your job tomorrow. But if you have at least six months of additional income, you have the breathing space you need to replace that income. Every month you should aim to save at least 20% of what you have coming in, but as always more is always welcome.

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