Shotgun Wedding in Vegas, What You Need to Bring

by Erika Torres
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Shotgun weddings are the union between two people which usually comes a result of one them falling pregnant. Because the idea is usually to get the wedding completed before the bump really starts to show, the entire planning and execution of the big day is usually cut from the average of more than 12 months down to a relatively short 10 weeks. The problem is that with most British venues being unavailable at such short notice, the obvious solution usually lies in a trip to Vegas – the city of drive-thru wedding ceremonies. If this what’s on the cards for you, here are a couple of things you need to bring with you.

A letter from your GP
First things first, it’s all fair and well getting your passport, applying for your ESTA and checking in at the airport just before your big day, but if you’re heavily pregnant you may be refused entry. Once you begin your third trimester it can become potentially unsafe to travel. By and large, once you hit the 28 week mark you will need to ask your GP for a letter declaring you fit to travel – without it the airline staff have the right to refuse you entry onto the plane.

Compression socks
One of the things that routinely goes with pregnancy is varicose veins, and with varicose veins goes deep vein thrombosis. These problems can be avoided by wearing a pair of compression socks, helping keep the blood pumping and your feet from swelling. Sure, flight socks aren’t exactly sexy, but they’re practical and surprisingly comfortable.

High quality luggage
We all know that pregnant women aren’t supposed to lift heavy loads – this late into pregnancy you certainly won’t be wanting to carry a heavy bag of everything you would normally take with you to Vegas. The solution here is investing in a piece of high quality luggage which rolls nice and easily across the airport floor, helping make your trip to Vegas as smooth as possible.

A decent travel pillow
This is a pro tip for anyone who goes on frequent long-haul flights – a decent travel pillow goes a long way. Even if you’re not struggling with morning sickness, you’re going to be more tired than you usually would at this point, and what are long haul flights good for if not sleeping? A decent night’s sleep on the plane will help make your time in Vegas much more enjoyable.

Heartburn meds
Any pregnant woman who has ever flown will tell you that the cramped conditions and the interesting food that you’re served usually leads to heartburn. Because of the limitations on liquids being brought onto the plane, it’s well worth investing in a couple of pack of your favourite antacids – they will make the flight over much less painful, and help you get back to sleep sooner. Once you’re back to sleep, you can start topping up your energy reserves, helping you make the most of your time in the USA.

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