Fun Wedding Activities For Guests

by Chonce Maddox
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Weddings are a blast, but they can also be a long and tiring day for all parties involved. My wedding was super fun as I remember there was A LOT of dancing. However, I wish I would have had a few extra activities for guests to do especially during the cocktail hour when I was taking pictures with my husband, our families, and the wedding party.

After the ceremony, time just seemed to fly by and I started to feel a little anxious once I realized how long the photo process was taking (since I have such a large wedding party). While it’s important not to stress out about the smaller, less important aspects of a wedding, planning out a few activities for your guests to do when you’re not around won’t take too much time, effort or money as long as you keep it simple.

Here are a few easy and fun wedding activities for guests.

Marriage Advice and Date Night Tip Jars

Allow your guests to pitch in with their two cents and offer you a piece of valuable marriage advice and/or a fun date night idea. You can set out pieces of paper, pens and two jars that guests can place their ideas in right after they sign the wedding guest book.

Marriage is hard work, so the tips and ideas will be nice to look back on when you feel the need to remember your big day.

Wedding Crossword Puzzle

Most of us can’t turn down a good crossword puzzle especially if there’s a cool prize attached. You can print out wedding crossword puzzles for guests to take and offer a small prize (like a gift card or wedding favor) to the first few people who finish it first.

You can create your own crossword puzzle for free on and come up with your own clues that tell people about your wedding and relationship with your spouse. Then, all you need to do is print some paper copies. You can do this at home or even for cheap at your local library.

Yard Games

If you’re having an outdoor wedding, your guests may enjoy a few yard games during the cocktail hour. You can set up a bags station, badminton, a horseshoe toss, giant Jenga, and more.

Try to consider games that aren’t’ generally messy and don’t require a lot of physical contact. For example, a game of football might not be such a good idea unless you’re having a less formal event or a football themed wedding.

Coloring Stations For Kids

Some people have a no kids policy at their wedding but if you have a lot of kids in your family or know some kids will be attending, you might want to set up a coloring activity station to keep them busy. You can grab crayons and colored pencils, a cheap table cloth from the dollar store for the coloring table, and wedding-themed coloring books.

You could also even design your own wedding coloring book pages by either turning pictures of you and your spouse into coloring pages or using coloring pages related to your wedding’s theme.

While some guests will find ways to entertain themselves at your wedding whether it’s dancing the night away, talking with their friends, or enjoying all your yummy food, it doesn’t hurt to come up with a few fun and cheap activities to help entertain guests especially during the cocktail hour when you may not be around.

Did you have any unique activities at your wedding? Would you consider setting up any of these activities for guests?

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Amanda @ My Life, I Guess April 24, 2017 - 9:07 am

We thought about getting a bunch of games for our outdoor wedding, but didn’t really end up doing anything. (Mostly due to our very small budget.) We focused mostly on night-time activities like glow sticks and things to do around the campfire. But – those plans didn’t quite work out thanks to all of the mosquitoes that decided to join us!


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