How to Buy Gifts When You Suck at Buying Gifts

by James Hendrickson
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Christmas is fast approaching and for some, it means spending more but for others, it means stress with a capital S. This is especially true when you have a difficult time choosing gifts for other people.

Perhaps you get stressed from the hustle and bustle of extra people in malls and stores. I wouldn’t blame you for that because it can be somewhat overwhelming.

But the fact that you are reading this means you care enough about the people you are getting gifts for to want to get them good ones. That’s a start and can be worked with.

To help you out, there are some tips to be shared about how to buy gifts when you suck at buying gifts.

Start a List

If you have several people to buy for, start a list so you can do some spying on each one and not miss anybody. The last thing you want to do is go to a holiday party with gifts for everyone except the one person you forgot.

Do Reconnaissance

The first thing to do is get to know a couple of things about the person or people you are getting gifts for. That will help you to buy gifts when you suck at buying gifts.

Find out their favorite color, hobbies, or foods. Rather than ask them outright, get your spy on and do some observation. If you need a little help, ask their other friends or family members for hints. Once you have some ideas you can use the information to help you choose gifts.

As an example, does your friend like to fish? If so, get them a bait box and fill it with snacks for a fishing trip. Or, if they are a coffee drinker get them a bag of flavored coffee.

The amount you spend isn’t as important as the thought you put into the gift. Getting something they can use and is to their liking will get you the win every time.

Shop Sales

Now that you’ve covertly done a little research, you are ready to buy gifts inexpensively even when you suck at buying gifts. To save money while you buy search for sales, coupons, and discount codes. Bundle your purchases when you can and get free or reduced cost of shipping.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can help. Shopping in advance throughout the year will save you money too because you can shop clearance and off-season items.

Make the Gifts

Another way to buy gifts when you suck at buying gifts is to buy what you need and make them yourself. When you give items you create you are giving the gift of your time and creativity which is usually a hit with most people.

For instance, if you are a woodworker, make a cool decorative trinket box or tray. If you weld, repurpose junk into art. When you need ideas, turn to Pinterest for thousands of pictures and projects that can get your creative juices flowing.

When you just don’t know what to get or make try making cookies or other treats. Place them on an inexpensive but cute plate from a discount store and you have an instant gift.

Give Tech

If all else fails, you can always buy tech when you suck at buying gifts. There are lots of choices and most people love gadgets and new technology.

The other great thing about electronic gifts is that many of them can be generic allowing you to give them to either males or females. For instance, pick up an electric wine bottle opener or a solar phone charger. Both of these items could be gifted to either a man or a woman.

Of course, the holidays create more stress for everyone. But you don’t have to let it completely overwhelm you. Use the ideas above to help you buy gifts when you suck at buying gifts and you will be the hit at parties and family gatherings.

Have you ever been given a gift that wasn’t a very good one? How did it make you feel?

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