Age Appropriate Money Lessons for Your Kids

by `Jackie Cohen
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Unfortunately, many people don’t learn about personal finance until they have to. But you can save your children a lot of grief by becoming their first teacher on this front — read on for age-appropriate money lessons for your kids.

What are some age appropriate lessons for your kids?Five and Under

Age three is a good place to start teaching your kids about money — any younger than that and they’re simply too underdeveloped to understand the concepts you’re trying to get across.

At ages three to give, money is simply something visual to them. So, one of the best tools you can use to begin your teaching is a clear jar your kids can drop loose change into. Your child will solely focus not on the physical attributes of the money in the jar, not its value.

While you may not necessarily be teaching your kids much at this age, you’ll be successfully introducing them to the overall presence of money in their lives.

Six to Pre-Teens

You can now start introducing the concept of doing jobs around the house and getting paid, which, when it comes to the world of work, is a vital concept your kids need to learn. Then again, it’s still important to ensure your children still do basic chores such as making their bed and picking up toys without expecting a monetary reward.

Kids can also understand saving and giving at this age so, if your child desperately wants something, encourage him or her to save their own money as opposed to you buying it.


As a teenager, kids are old enough to process the concepts of bills and debt so, if you need to consolidate your cards, don’t hide it from them. Be honest and open with them in discussing financial figures (as long as it’s appropriate), and they’ll automatically learn from observing how you deal with important financial situations.

Age Appropriate Money Lessons

If you don’t start teaching your kids about money from a young age, you’ll give your kids the best possible start for their own finances as they grow up.

Readers, have you started to talk to your kids about money yet?

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